About Pamela

Hello, my name is Pamela and I’m a traveller, writer, and photographer from Ontario in Canada; who prefers to live in Québec City. Savoir Faire Abroad is the place where I write about my travel adventures, the people I meet, the food I eat, my life, and sometimes travel tips that I learn while on the road. 

My foray in solo travel began in 1998; a proud two-week vacationer who travelled to Scotland and fell in love with the idea of seeing more of the world. In 2010 I left my career in retail management, after over 10 years of dreaming about leaving my job, and started travelling the world. Six years later, this blog is on its second name (it was originally known as SpunkyGirl Monologues). I have fallen in lust with many countries and consider places like Québec City and Bangkok ‘home‘ when I’m not residing in Ontario. 


Latest Blog Posts

After A Two-Year Hiatus, I Have Moved Back to Québec City

Chateau Frontenac in Québec City

Sitting on one of the window sills in my apartment, I survey my surroundings. Black reusable shopping bags filled with food, books, and other household items are strewn around the floor in the kitchen and living area; two black and country style kitchen chairs waiting to be placed, a white laundry basket filled with cozy blankets; two large cardboard boxes

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When Pigs Fry, A Day Tour I Can Oink About!

Toronto in one of my favourite cities in Canada. It has culture, arts, funky neighbourhoods, cool architecture, food trucks, and an interesting history - - which ultimately led to the creation of When Pigs Fry, a pork themed food tour by Urban Adventures. The very idea of doing a pork themed food tour in Toronto made my skin tingle with

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A Bangkok Bucket List

The following is a list of experiences that I think ALL OF YOU should consider doing in Bangkok. Some of them I’ve already done, and others are on my personal bucket list for 2013.

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