Polar Bear encounter in Churchill, Manitoba

A Practical Guide to Churchill, Manitoba

There are only two ways to get to Churchill, by air, or by train. If you’re on a timeline and a wimp, you could fly up from Winnipeg… But if you’re hardcore and love the journey as much as you love a destination, go by train. Really, it’s a better story. So, what is it like travelling from Winnipeg to Churchill with VIA Rail? The train to Churchill runs twice a week from Winnipeg, Tuesdays...   Read More

Diner en Blanc Haiti

Booking Your Holiday Using Travel Rewards

Winter is by far my favourite time of year to travel, mostly because I have an insatiable need for sunshine and heat, and as a Canadian girl, those are two things that I miss most during the winter months, which can sometimes be six months long. I’m not the only one. Many of you are the same, flocking to southern sunshine destinations as though your life depends on it. I am definitely not one of...   Read More

Nutcracker High Tea at Shangri-la Hotel Toronto

Experiencing Nutcracker High Tea and An Unexpected Stay in Toronto

It’s a cold December day and I’m sitting on a dove-grey leather sofa in front of a marble and glass fireplace, the warmth of the fire gently licking my skin. As the waitress approaches I sit back, order a pot of Royal Earl Grey tea, and watch the snow falling outside as I listen to a pianist play a rendition of All Apologies – a song I am far more familiar with than I should...   Read More

How To Choose Your Home Base in New York City

New York City is one of the most popular places in the world to visit, with everything from top museums, galleries, landmarks, and green spaces, to thousands of shops, restaurants, and bars to explore. However, due to this exciting depth, it can be difficult deciding where to stay when you visit. From the glamour of the Upper West or East Sides, to the pulse of Midtown and the groove of Brooklyn, there are different parts...   Read More

Travel Haiti

Travel Haiti: A Guide to Port-au-Prince and Cote de Arcadins

I fell in love with Haïti; every single inch of it (that I saw). I fell in love with the people, the culture, the food, and the landscapes. It is unusual for me to fall in love with a travel destination so quickly, but there I was, my second day in Haïti, and falling hard. So hard that I ached over the fact that I was only in the country for a week. Clearly, I...   Read More

Experiencing Diner en Blanc in Haiti

It’s lunch time and I’m sitting in my hotel room, make-up and small white flowers strewn around the table in front of me. White eyeliner, white nail polish, silver eye shadow and glitter, mascara. I generally don’t wear a lot of make-up, but tonight is Diner en Blanc in Haïti and although I’m press at the event, I still want to look nice. I start with the flowers. I’ve never made a bohemian flower wreath...   Read More


Photographing Haïti

Photographing Haïti is an adventure in of itself. This is a country that experienced a devastating earthquake which brought aid workers from around the world to help the country recover, and unfortunately a slew of photographers showed up as well. Haïti was in crisis mode. A proud and mindful people were brought low by Mother Nature and in an effort to ‘show the world’ the devastation, photographers stuck their cameras in the faces of the...   Read More

Sunrise in Côte de Arcadins

Waking Before The Sun at Moulin Sur Mer

In the early morning, before the sun has fully risen, I crawl out of bed and get dressed. It’s an awful hour for getting up, but my time on the coast in Haïti is limited and I want to head to the beach for sunrise, and hopefully to spot some fisherman. Grabbing my Nikon 1 J4 camera I leave the cool air of my room at Moulin Sur Mer and walk to the beach. The...   Read More


Hitching A Ride In Port-au-Prince

There is a moment when you’re sitting in the back of a beat up black sedan, spewing exhaust, sweating, and stuck in traffic when you think, ‘Yay, I am digging the vibe in Haïti’. Having spent the morning and part of the afternoon at Parc historique de la cane à sucre et musèe (Cane sugar historical park and museum) and in traffic; which can be a tad intense in Port-au-Prince, I decided I wanted to...   Read More

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