Sunday SnapShot: Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Snapshot. This week I’m featuring a photo from one of my favourite cities, a place I return to often. In fact I’ll be returning again in September!

Which city is YOUR favourite?

Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand

It was a hot, sticky, sweaty day in Bangkok the last time I visited Wat Pho. I had been exploring various stops along with Chao Phraya River with my friend Peung, and before heading back towards Sukhumvit Road we decided to visit Wat Pho.

While most visitors gravitate to the Grand Palace, my favourite temple in Bangkok is Wat Pho, with it’s reclining golden buddha (the largest in Bangkok), and colourful stupas. We spent so much time wandering through the temple buildings, taking photos, and laughing. It was by far one of my favourite days in Bangkok, and I’m excited to hang out with Peung again as we both return to the city.

Sunday Snapshot: Vama Veche, Romania

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Snapshot. Personally, I think this is one of the best ways to start the week, a little travel inspiration can go a long way!

Vama Veche, Romania

After a LONG drive from Budapest, Hungary, I was elated when we rolled into Vama Veche, Romania at 1:00am. It was the beginning of the Mongol Rally, and we had heard of a big party happening in this beach town along the Black Sea coast. The party was intense, the booze flowing, and ralliers were blitzed out of their minds in no time. We had been driving for well over 12 hours, and after a couple hours of partying I opted to pitch our tent on the beach, with only the moon for light.

Sleep was hard to come by, the music didn’t stop until 5am, but opening the tent door to a view of the Black Sea was pretty amazing.

Please Stop Treating Poland Like A War Memorial

Warsaw, Poland

Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, the Russians invaded 16 days later, thus beginning the European theatre of World War II. By October 6th the Germans and Russians occupied all of Poland. The war lasted for five years and eight months in Europe, and during that time Poland was home to some of the most notorious prison camps known to man; Auschwitz, Gross-Rosen, Stutthof. Overall there were roughly 250 camps in occupied Poland, both concentration and extermination. Over 3 million people were killed in those camps.

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Sunshine, Jamaica, and an All-inclusive Stay at Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica

I rest my forehead against the cool plastic window of the airplane, the outline of the Florida coast below. The man sitting in the aisle seat reeks with alcohol and body odour, but thankfully the middle seat is empty and I am able to relax. I’m not going on a normal adventure, one that promises plenty of exploration and cultural exposure. This time I am headed to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica.

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Sunday Snapshot: Perth, Scotland

Welcome to the first edition of Sunday Snapshots! It’s been a long time since I featured a series on Savoir Faire Abroad, and with my return to Southeast Asia looming I figure now is a good time to introduce some new features, including Sunday Snapshot.

Over the last five years of travel I have taken an obscene amount of photographs. While some are posted here on the blog, on the facebook page, or shared on instagram, many sit on my hard drive. Until today.


Every Sunday I’ll be sharing a photo from travels past or present, along with the story behind them. My hope is to not only keep myself inspired, but hopefully to inspire you as well.

Perth, Scotland

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