A Wardrobe Malfunction in Warsaw

29 Sep

I’ve always imagined that if I ever had a wardrobe malfunction while travelling it would have to do with my bra. That would be an utter catastrophe since, you know, I have a rather ample bosom and finding bras my size can be a challenge in Canada, let along in Europe or Asia. Thankfully today’s […]

Travel Taught Me To Love Myself and Others

19 Sep

“Just try the new toilet seat, you’ll like it. I bought it because it is raised and you’ll be able to stand up with ease”, I explained calmly. “NO!” Dad stated with a stubborn resolve that I know only too well. “Look, if you have an accident because you couldn’t make it to the toilet […]

Go There: 5 Destinations To Explore NOW

19 Sep

I haven’t participated in a round-up blog series in awhile, well over a year, but when Candice Walsh of Candice Does The World tagged me for the Booked.net – Top Destinations to Go There campaign I was kind of excited to participate. I don’t really care about the possibility of winning an iPhone 6, I […]

A Review of the Nikon 1 V3 Mirrorless Camera

17 Sep

Review-Nikon 1 V 3

It wasn’t until a friend of mine purchased a Sony a7r camera that I considered switching from my traditional DSLR to a mirrorless camera.  The camera was smaller, lighter, and had wi-fi capabilities which meant she could take a photo, transfer it to her cell phone, edit, and share on social media within minutes. Needless […]

Four Hotels in Toronto That Put the ‘Lux’ in Luxury

14 Sep

4 Hotels in Toronto that Put the LUX into Luxury

Luxe travel in Toronto is not just for the rich and famous, although when you walk into many of the luxe hotels in the city, you may think that is the case. Over the past two years the city has seen a luxury boom of sorts as hotels like Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts, The […]

The Realities of Living with a Parent with Dementia

3 Sep

It’s 7:40 a.m. and I’ve barely slept. I’ve been awake for twenty minutes, and out of bed for roughly six. “There’s something wrong with you!” my Dad says, angrily jabbing his temple and glaring at me with every ounce of energy he can muster. I’m tired. Too tired to start the day this way. My […]

Sri Lanka: Feeling Intimidated in Colombo

30 Aug

It takes a lot for me to admit defeat. I’m Irish, English, and Scottish, so naturally I blame my heritage for my stubbornness and desire to ignore advice from fellow travelers who I consider negative or aggressive. And by aggressive I mean they tell me a place sucks and that I should go elsewhere, and […]

Scotland, Sixteen Years After My First Solo Trip

17 Aug


Follow my blog with Bloglovin I remember as though it was yesterday. The heat of the sun. Crowds of locals relaxing, reading books, napping or having a picnic in a large public park. It’s a Sunday and as I sit down in the park, overlooking Edinburgh castle, a solo bagpiper starts playing, sending chills down […]

An Outlander Inspired Trip Through Scotland

14 Aug

Craighs of rocks among groves of moss-covered trees, valleys of apple green grass with hints of golden yellow, burnt umber, and rusty orange, dark shimmering lochs, mountains that are ten times larger than they appear, and centuries old castles. Scotland is full of beauty (and a rather brutal history which I’ll write about another time), and […]

What’s New In Turkey?

23 Jul

Turkey is a land steeped in history, with several architectural wonders from the past vying with contemporary attractions for the visitor’s attention. Choosing to go on Turkey holidays almost always makes you try something new for your vacation —given the scenic locales, evolving food scene, and the lively culture of the terrain. The expansive palaces that […]