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I have toyed with doing a monthly newsletter in the past, but I suck at doing it. I am forever forgetting to do it, and then when crunch time comes, I just feel… ‘ugh‘ about writing the newsletter, so I don’t. Ugh. I’ve stopped trying (Not that I won’t try again in the future, I am sure I will when the time is right), but right now newsletters are not my thing.

There is only one problem. What if I want to share stories I have read and loved online? That is something one would normally put into a newsletter, or a weekly ‘news’ like blog post (which gives me the same ‘ugh‘ feeling as newsletters).

This page is my compromise. It’s not a newsletter. It’s not a weekly ‘news’ blog post. This is a page featuring articles I have read, loved, and want to share. In most cases I will share these on the Savoir Faire Abroad Facebook page, as well as Twitter, but I like the idea of these articles having a permanent home right here on the blog. While most of the articles featured on this page will be travel or food related, there will also be articles that inspire. That make us think, and appreciate life. Culture. History. Human interest. Different ways to use bacon. Nothing on knitting though, sorry.

In keeping with my sporadic nature, I will add article links to this page on a semi-regular basis. And of course, if you have an article you think I should read and share, leave a link in the comments. Sharing is caring! Wow, did I just write that?

January 15, 2015

To Walk The World by Paul Salopek – An award-winning journalist, Paul is on a SEVEN YEAR WALK AROUND THE WORLD. In a digital age where bloggers and travels often rush to see/do/experience the next fabulous thing, Paul is slowing things down. He is sharing his journey via National Geographic, but he is taking time to process. To think before writing. This article is his first in the series. Paul is two years into his seven year journey.
The Lyskanowskis [The Survivors] by Amiee Levitt – This article was shared with me via the Savoir Faire Abroad facebook page.In this article Stanley and Josephine Lyskanowskis talk about their experiences during WWII, and how they found each other in the Polish ‘hood in Chicago. Both are Polish-born Catholics. Stanley speaks of life in the concentration camps; he was arrested while working for the underground. A truly powerful interview.
7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Purpose In Life by Mark Manson – For those days when you need a kick in the arse to get your day started. I have this bookmarked and have re-read it a couple times now. A fabulous motivator.

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