It should be pretty obvious now that I love Mexico and that I think EVERYONE should experience the real Mexico, the Mexico that exists beyond the white sand beaches and sparkling blue ocean in Cancun and other resort hotspots. The Mexico that is filled with history, culture, yummy food, and amazing people.

Okay, there are amazing Mexicans in the resort hotspots too.

I know you guys really want to come to Mexico now, but you’re not sure what to expect, and there is a slight possibility that some you think everyone wears ponchos and rides donkeys. On the off chance that you need a little Mexico prep help I’ve (along with some Mexican friends) compiled an awesome post of music, movies, books, and cookbooks to get you into the Mexican vibe before your trip.

Viva Mexico!!


As much wish I could record a CD of the ‘Mexican noise’ from the barrio in Bucerias, I fear I’m the only one who would truly enjoy it. So here are some Mexican artists that come HIGHLY recommended by my friend Martha from Playa del Carmen.


There are so many movies movies that involve Mexico in one way or another that it would be silly sto list them all here. So I’m picking my favourites. Some of them are about famous Mexicans, some are about travel in Mexico, and some simply take place in Mexico. Another great resource is the National Geographic Mexican video collection.


There are a couple Mexican blogs that are worth reading before, and during your travels in Mexico. The following blogs are either written by Mexicans, or by expats in Mexico. Either way there is a wealth of information available for both planning and inspiration.

Go Mexico Guide: a travel site that aims to provide you with useful information about and meaningful experiences in Mexico.

Mexico Travel: an guide written by Suzanne Barbezat. Suzanne has been an expat in Mexico for 15 years and she is a wealth of Mexican knowledge. Suzanne also works as a guide in Oaxaca.

The Other Side of the Tortilla: a Mexican cooking, culture and travel blog showcasing the original writing and photography of Maura Wall Hernandez.

Mexican at Heart: Jessica is an American expat who fell in love with a Mexican and now lives in Mexico City.

Journey Mexico: a fabulous resource and tour website on Mexico that is sure to get your feet itchy!!


Yay! Books about Mexico! These are some of my personal suggestions. Of course if you think I’ve missed something then feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

Learning Spanish

Yes, yes you should attempt to learn Spanish before your trip to Mexico. Sure, some people speak okay English, but your travels will be a lot easier if you can speak some Spanish. Trust me!!

Cook Books

Authentic Mexican food is vastly different from what you’re use to eating at fast food restaurants like Taco Bell, or the stuff you make at home using Old El Paso products. So, if you enjoy cooking, and experimenting, then I suggest trying one or more of the following cookbooks. Mmmmm Mexican food…

So, who is ready to book a trip to Mexico and tell me all about where they will be going?

Disclosure: I am moving away from doing sponsored posts and into affiliate marketing, where I make a small commission on items sold through this website. I have carefully selected each of the items listed on this website to ensure that I am recommending products that I know are helpful, inspirational, and something I would buy myself (if I haven’t already). Thank-you for supporting Savoir Faire Abroad.

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