1. […] 37 Ways to Volunteer While Traveling A very comprehensive list by @spunkygirllogue on all the ways one can volunteer. Read it and picture yourself volunteering at a refugee camp or helping those little sea turtles make it to the sea. I recommend reading this list in conjunction with the book Volunteer Vacations to find out more details on how to make these ways happen. […]

  2. Tania @ Passport2Design.com

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I am planning to travel through Central America for 6 weeks starting in April and want to find some volunteer opportunities :) Your post has inspired me to dig a bit deeper!

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  3. 3/3/2011

    Great ideas! I’ve taught English for a day at a small village school in Romania, helped around the CouchSurfing offices in Turkey and volunteered for a youth hostel in Montenegro. All were great and I learned different things from them. It was worth it even just for being able to unpack my bag for a while on a long trip. When people think they don’t want to travel with their kids, I always suggest the sea turtle thing or an eco camp- they’d be great things to do with kids!

  4. 3/4/2011

    Great list, but, ahem, I am sad to report I never harvested rice… I only got to weed it. This is what happens when you show up to the rice farm during the not-so-exciting rice-weeding season!

    • Ah, nuts! My brain was a wee bit slow while writing this post and YOU were sleeping. The nerve!!
      Thanks for clearing up my error. 😉

  5. Ceri

    Some great ideas there. Exactly what I needed to inspire me to volunteer when I go. 😀

    • 1/12/2013

      Thank-you, and thanks for sharing this post! There are so many ways to volunteer, and I am sure I have missed many of them! Hopefully readers will add some ideas here in the comments. 😀

  6. 1/15/2013

    I’d love to help sea turtles or work on hiking trails. So many great ideas but do you have some resources (links) to find these kinds of opportunities?

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