I’ve always imagined that if I ever had a wardrobe malfunction while travelling it would have to do with my bra. That would be an utter catastrophe since, you know, I have a rather ample bosom and finding bras my size can be a challenge in Canada, let along in Europe or Asia. Thankfully today’s malfunction was not bra related.

It happened while visiting the grave of the unknown soldier in Warsaw, a monument which is protected by armed guards 24/7. Our group had arrived in time to witness the changing of the guards, and in an effort to get into a different camera position than everyone else, I sat on the concrete. Great angle. However when I went to stand up I noticed that my left flip flop was broken. The strap had ripped right off!

I’ve travelled quite a bit with these flip flops, so I never thought to bring another pair of shoes with me. Oops?

My first instinct was to do the rest of the walking tour barefoot (we had just started a 2-hour tour of the old city), until I found a place that sold flip flops.

Walking with one flip flop on and one off I used someone’s house key to try and jam the strap piece inside the sole so I could keep wearing them. Yeah, that didn’t really work.

“There is a Chanel store, you could go buy flats”, joked one of the girls who organized our trip. Yeah, I’m good. I can do it barefoot and just watch for glass.

As we neared the end of the large square one of the Mexican women on our trip handed me a sewing kit from her purse. Thanking her I took out a needle and some black thread, and threaded the needle while we walked.

“You know, it is illegal to walk barefoot in Warsaw. You will get a ticket”, said a man from our group, “Well, I didn’t really plan to walk barefoot, it just kind of happened”, I replied. He moved on. Keeping pace with the group I continued to walk with one flip flop on and one off as I sewed the strap back onto my left flip flop (I keep wanting to say shoe). After using up the thread I tied a couple knots, bit off the needle and put my flip flop back on.

Luckily my flip flop held during the rest of our walking tour of the old city.

Once we returned to the hotel I dropped my bag and walked over to the strip mall across the street. I went to Marks & Spencer, T.J. Max, C&A, and H&M. None of them had flip flops, just boots.

Let’s hope my flip flops hold out tomorrow as well. We’re off to Poznan and I’m hoping someone there has a pair of size 9 flip flops that they can sell to me.

[I should have asked someone to photograph me sewing my flip flop. Ha ha ha]

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