Pamela MacNaughtan

Hello, my name is Pamela MacNaughtan. Welcome to my little space here on the interwebs.

I fell in love with cooking when I was a teenager, making up sad little recipes in my kitchen each day after school and then asking my neighbour to try my sad little creations. It was also during this time that I picked up photography as a hobby and would borrow my parent’s car to go for photographic journeys into the country.

Travel, that obsession started in my early twenties when I was tired of my small town life and dreamed of exploring new places and cultures and food.

There are two things I always do when I travel: eat as much local food as possible and visit local food markets.

When I am home in Québec City, there are two things I always do: cook with as much locally sourced food as possible and visit local food markets on a weekly basis.

While Savoir Faire Abroad started as a travel blog, it is now morphing into a Québec City lifestyle and food blog – with a little travel thrown in on the side. It may seem odd to those who have been loyal readers, but for me, the change is completely natural.

This is how I live my life.