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I Exercised Today and I Didn’t Die. It Was a Good Day.

Wow, two posts in a row! Don’t get too excited, this is a trend that is bound to fail. Trust me.

I didn’t work on the guidebook today. I had intended to do it, I even wrote a little note to work on itineraries and day trips as I am writing a short article on day trips for Québec City Tourism’s blog. May as well do both at once, right?

What is the saying about best-laid plans? I don’t fully remember it, but mine changed.

Instead of working on the guidebook I decided to put on some yoga pants, grab my running shoes and drive out to my friend’s house in the country to work out. She has a home gym and mentioned I could use it anytime, even if nobody is home.

Today, I finally took her up on the offer.

I admit, it felt weird to walk into her house when nobody was home.

[I’m tempted to start hiding notes in her house whenever I’m there alone and wait to see how long it take for her or her kids to find them]

Have you ever done weight training and then taken a break… For eight years.

Seriously. The last time I did any kind of weight-based exercise was in 2008. It’s been so long, I have forgotten the names of almost all of the machines.

I started on the leg press, which was comical as the peddles where my feet go is level with my massive boobs. It’s a good thing nobody was there because getting my feet in position was an exercise itself. I almost fell off the seat. Twice.

Over the next 30-40 mins, I did leg curls (I just Googled this and I’m pretty sure I sat in the machine wrong. Ha ha ha ha) and chest presses, then back to leg presses. I rotated back and forth. I even spent a whopping 3 mins on an elliptical machine.

It was truly impressive.

The good news is that I can still walk. I was pretty sure my legs would buckle due to lack of muscle, but they survived!

Of course, on the drive home when I saw that Eat Like Sabby, a Mediterranean restaurant in town, was open I had to stop and grab a Gyro pita to go. The owner’s mom always stuffs mine with a ridiculous amount of meat and sauce, but damn, it tastes so good.

[The photo of my gyro is at the top of this post because my “exercise” photo is super lame]

I should feel bad, but I don’t. I’ve been craving a pita from Sabby for days now.

438 words… why is this so hard?! Not too long ago I was lucky to write a post under 1,000 words!!


The Facebook diet hasn’t started yet. Maybe I’ll start it March 1st. I need to give up drinking Diet Coke too, but giving up Facebook and Diet Coke at the same time seems like a foolish endeavour.

Oh! I re-downloaded Snapchat (savvyabroad). That, like this blog, depends entirely on whether I have anything to share that is not insanely boring. Ha!

518! Okay, I’m peacing out. See y’all tomorrow or three days from now or in a month. Anything is possible.


I’ve Been “Writing” My Guidebook for Too Long, And I’m Going to Try Regular Blog Posts

This is the book that never ends, it seems to go on and on my friends…

I feel as though I have been writing my guidebook to Québec City for three years and I am going nowhere.

Oh, wait, I have been writing it for the last three years.

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Why You Need to Go to Tenerife Now

I love that Spain owns the Canaries, an archipelago of volcanic rock with black and white-sand beaches, rests off the of West Africa – makes it that much easier to explore both Tenerife and Morocco on the same trip! Tenerife, the largest of these beautiful islands, is the epicentre of vibrant Spanish culture and traditions, and home to Mt. Teide, a 12,198 ft active volcano.

Here are a few reasons why you need to go to Tenerife now!

1. They have stunning rural villas to rent. Seriously, find out the best Rural accommodation in Tenerife and book your plane tickets now.

Tenerife Rural Villa

2. You can go almond gathering. Yes, ALMOND GATHERING. Now I am craving raw almonds…

Tenerife Almonds

3. They have festive pilgrimages for almost every occasion.

Tenerife festive pilgrimage

4. The Hamlet of Masca is the epitome of travel porn.

Hamlet of Masca on Tenerife

5. You can go to a Guachinche Tavern – which is basically an old refurbished barn that has been turned into a lively dining hall, with home-made food and wine.

Tenerife Guachinche Tavern

6. You can sit on the beach and give yourself some seaweed therapy – yes, it’s a thing!

Tenerife Seaweed Therapy


7. The entire island is gorgeous, I dare you to visit and send me an ugly photo!

Tenerife island


8. Charco de la Laja is the swimming hole of your dreams!

Waves crashing against a rock in Tenerife

Everyone loves the idea of having some island time, and while a Caribbean resort may be at the top of your list, consider going to the Canary islands instead. You will still have plenty of beaches to relax on, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to explore, immerse yourself in the local culture, drink copious amounts of local wine, indulge in rich home-made food, and shop.

Why stay in a pretty resort with mediocre food when you can safely explore an island with mind-blowing food and everything you could possibly want or desire in a holiday destination?

After A Two-Year Hiatus, I Have Moved Back to Québec City

Sitting on one of the window sills in my apartment, I survey my surroundings. Black reusable shopping bags filled with food, books, and other household items are strewn around the floor in the kitchen and living area; two black and country style kitchen chairs waiting to be placed, a white laundry basket filled with cozy blankets; two large cardboard boxes from IKEA are ripped open on the ground. I have spent the last two and a half hours building a kitchen island/table and it is still not completed. I’m tired, and sore, and wishing their was an IKEA fairy who could make all my furniture-building wishes come true.

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When Pigs Fry, A Day Tour I Can Oink About!

When Pigs Fry Tour with Urban Adventures in Toronto

When Pigs Fry Tour with Urban Adventures in Toronto

Toronto in one of my favourite cities in Canada. It has culture, arts, funky neighbourhoods, cool architecture, food trucks, and an interesting history – – which ultimately led to the creation of When Pigs Fry, a pork themed food tour by Urban Adventures.

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Staying Sane During A Travel Hiatus

I have spent the better part of six yeas travelling around the world, spending a month, maybe two, in my hometown in Ontario, Canada. My passport and backpack were the two constants in my life. And then at the beginning of March, things changed. I fell, several times, while walking on icy sidewalks and streets in Québec City, my home away from home.

I’m not new to falling, especially in Québec City, but this time was different, on the day I was set to fly back to Toronto I slipped once more at the bottom of the stairs outside my hotel, twisting my back as I fell. That evening, as I stood in line at the airport to go through security my back ceased up to the point where I needed a wheelchair.

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13 Fun Facts About Newfoundland


Guest Post by Candice Walsh.

Candice Walsh, of Free Candie, is a technical writer for a deep sea technology company and an associate editor at Matador Network. When she isn’t writing about sonar equipment, she’s shooting whisky and hitting on men, or eating nachos and dreaming about travel. She’s currently stationed in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The more I travel, the more I realize Newfoundland is a whole different world sometimes. Even while I’m here in Nova Scotia, just an hour’s flight away, I’m constantly reminded of how different my island is. Some things I’m not so crazy about (i.e. the isolation), but others make me realize how blessed I am to live in such a unique place.

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