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7 Canadian Travel Blogs to Follow in 2016

At times it feels as though everyone writes a list of travel blogs to follow some time between December 20th and January 15th — it’s a month of list type posts covering everything from blog roundups to travel moment roundups to travel photography roundups. And it looks as though I’ll be joining in this year.

Over the last six years of blogging I have read countless blogs and blog posts. Sometimes I pop in to read a post and pop back out, and other times I bookmark a blog and revisit on a somewhat regular basis. This year I decided to make a list of Canadian travel blogs to follow, bookmarked them in my browser, and I’ve set aside time each day to pop in and read (there are some pretty amazing Canadian bloggers). I thought I would share my list here (in no particular order), and maybe you’ll find a few travel blogs to follow as well .


Legal Nomads by Jodi Ettenberg

I’ve been a fan of Jodi’s website for several years, I love the way she writes about her travels around the world. Jodi has a gift for storytelling and focuses mostly on longform articles. Since writing her book , A Food Lover’s Handbook, her site has become more food focused; articles like A Brief History of Chili Peppers which is equal parts entertaining and informative. Jodi, as a celiac, also writes incredibly helpful guides for Gluten Free travel in countries like Japan — which includes a handy translation card that you can show at various restaurants.


To Europe and Beyond by Marie-Eve Vallieres

I read Marie-Eve’s blog when it was known as A Montréaler Abroad, and now I pop into To Europe And Beyond to read her stories about life in Montréal, as well as her trips to Europe and other parts of the world. Marie-Eve’s writing is colourful and entertaining, I love the tone of her articles, some of my favourites: Inside the Stockholm Metro – The Longest Art Gallery in the World, Riding Bicycles and Eating Cheese – That’s Amsterdam For You, and No, I Do Not Need My Husband’s Permission to Travel Alone.


DobernationLoves by Andrew Dobson

I adore Andrew’s blog, and his social media channels, he quite possibly one of the most entertaining and quirky guys I have ever read (and met!). Andrew writes about travel, as well as food and fashion and lifestyle. And I swear he is the KING of Top 10 list posts — thankfully he adds some literary ‘meat‘ to his pieces, which is probably why his Top 10 posts are popular.  Top 10 Things to See and Do on a Road Trip to Jordan is one of my favourites. Of course not all of his posts are Top 10 lists, and many of his other stories are beautifully written: Rise Out of the Ashes: Bosnia the Beautiful.


Free Candie by Candice Walsh

A sassy Newfoundland who knows the meaning of fun, I have enjoyed Candice’s blog for a few years. I love her writing, it has raw intelligence, humor and Eastern Canadian wit. Candice is one of those rare bloggers that are the same online and in person, and tells things as they are — because she knows that the bad can be just as hilarious as the bad. Some of my favourite posts are: Date a Girl Who Sits Around in Fleece Pyjamas Watching Netflix, and Being High Maintenance in Semuc Champey.


Hecktic Travels by Pete and Dalene Heck

Named “Travelers of the Year” by National Geographic in 2014, Pete and Dalene Heck are a Canadian couple who quit their corporate jobs in 2009 to travel the world. The story of why they made the decision to travel is beautifully written, and something everyone should read. Dalene (who is the writer. Pete is the photographer) is an exceptional writer, I always feel as though I am right there. Some of my favourite pieces are: Heaven and Hell and Into The Sahara: My Camel Hates Me. Definitely a travel blog to follow this year.


Backpack with Brock by Brock Groombridge

Brock is one of my favourite people in the world; he’s adventurous, funny, and adorable (sorry Brock, but you are!). After accidentally running into each other on a boat tour of the Western Fjords at Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, then ended up running into each other again a week later in Québec City. Brock writes the way he speaks, which is another reason to love him, but he is more known for his travel videos. Some of my favourites are: Exploring Croatia: A Day in Zagreb, and Iceland: A Road Trip Dream.


Globetrotting Mama by Heather Greenwood-Davis

I don’t read family blogs, but I really enjoy Heather’s blog, which has everything from destination ideas to trips on her own, with her husband, or with her husband and two sons. Or she’s writing for National Geographic Traveler or appearing on The Social. Heather is one busy lady! Some of my favourite posts on Heather’s website are: I’m Not Brave, Exploring My Parents’ Homeland: A Guide to Jamaica, and Spontaneity – The Lost Art of Traveling Without a Destination.

There are quite a few Canadian travel blogs to follow, so why is this list so small? As much as I would LOVE to, I don’t have enough time to sit down and read them all, so I picked 7 to read on a regular basis — and in 2017 I’ll pick a different set of blogs.

Which Canadian travel blogs do YOU enjoy reading?

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