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Facebook Theme Wrap-Up: India

1 Sep

India is a country that forces us to go beyond our comfort zone, and assaults our senses. That doesn’t mean we have to let our fears and reservations get the best of us

Travel in 2077, A Blog Post from the Future

25 May

We have these barcode tattoo things on our wrists instead. It’s quite boring compared to my grandmother’s passports. So yeah, I guess you could say that my grandmother is the one who inspires my travels

My Top 10 Adventure Quotes

20 Feb

“I am living out my adolescent dream of travel and adventure.” -Tim Cahill 2012 is the year of Adventure for myself and this blog. I’ve booked my Thailand flights, but I have yet to book my one way flight from Thailand to Paris. That one I’ll wait to do until I absolutely have to book it. I […]

It’s a Travelversary Kind of Month

31 Oct

Yes, it’s true. SpunkyGirl Monologues is 2 years old this month. I can hardly believe it. I honestly did not envision writing/blogging for this long -mostly because I gave up easily in the past. In fact, I think that over the years (before this blog), I started about 3 or 4 travel blogs and gave […]

How Did I Miss This?

18 Oct

As I sat down this morning in Bangkok, I looked down at the calendar and thought.. “Hmm.. I think I’ve been blogging on SpunkyGirl Monologues for a year now.” Within a few clicks, voila! There sat my first post. Oddly enough my one year anniversary was 8 days ago on 10.10.10! How did I miss […]

Project Fetish| Call for Entries

9 Aug

Intrigued? Curious? Confused? I’m working on an article about fetishes and travel. Here’s the thing. I need confessions. I need YOUR confessions. They can be anything you want- about any obsession you have. Are you addicted to Coke and need to drink one from every country you visit? Do you pack an insane amount of […]

5 Things I’m Taking Away From TBEX ’10

2 Jul

For the first time in 5 years, I’m experiencing a heat wave, and I don’t like it. I’m in New York City for the 2nd Annual Travel Blogger Exchange (TBEX) conference, a 2-day event, with loads of travel writers/bloggers from around the globe. This is my first time attending TBEX. I didn’t make a lot […]

This Was Not A Part of My Plan!

15 Jun

No matter how much planning a person does, things are bound to get in the way. At least that’s always been the case with me. In the last few months I’ve been suffering from various ailments, suspected spider bites that turn out to be cellulitis, job stress etc. In my mind these things were a […]

The Consolidation Phase

2 Jun

If I knew how good this phase of travel planning would be, I would have started it months ago! Tuesday morning I decided to start selling some of my furniture and things on Craigslist and Kijiji. The first item I posted was my Toshiba laptop (I’m fully in love with my Mac now. Never going […]

Blog Crawl Monday: Part 14

31 May

Ahhh, blog crawl Monday. It’s another week of new blogs, well new to me! Check out the following blogs and give them some love. Nancy Under The Stars- First of all, she’s Canadian. In my books that should be all you need to know. haha. I’m loving her blog though, and enjoy her little post […]