I like to think of yesterday as my travel binge.

As my Air Asia flight landed in Chiang Mai yesterday morning, my mind began to race. It’s been 16 months since I was last here, and there are so many places I want to revisit, and foods I want to munch on. Sad, but so very, true. While sitting in the taxi, I tried to remember what part of the city I was in, and did my best to ignore the hazy sky outside my window. When did Chiang Mai become hazy? Where are the blue skies that I remember so fondly?Chiang Mai may be dubbed as mecca for Travel Bloggers, but it is so much more than that. Well, to me it is.

For me, Chiang Mai is… Zen. I’m sure there is a Thai word that I could use, but I am unable to think of it at this moment.Yesterday, after I checked into my favourite Guesthouse in Chiang Mai, I decided to make my way to Somphet Market. The only place in Chiang Mai [that I know of”]where I can buy my absolute favourite peanuts. These babies are chili peanuts, mixed with some raw sugar and dried kaffir lime leaves. Eating them is like a party for your mouth. I have craved these peanuts for 16 months now, which is why I was in desperate need of a bag.

With camera in hand, I wandered down this soi and that soi, eventually arriving at the market. It didn’t take long for me to buy my peanuts. I knew where the stand was, and the fact that the price was 10 THB more than I remembered didn’t bother me. Mmmm…peanuts. I walked away from Somphet Market with a smile on my face and a bag of foodie happiness in my hands.

What happened next was not a part of my original plan, I swear. You see, Somphet Market is seriously close to my favourite Indian restaurant. Technically I could wait for a day or more before going, but I was only 100m from their location. It seemed like a shame to completely ignore it. So, I walked over. It was now a pizza place. Seriously crushed my heart, until the Thai lady at the photo shop told me they had moved across the moat. Now, I’d like to say that there was a debate about whether I should wait, but that would be a lie. There was no debate. I walked over there, and immediately ordered Butter Chicken and Butter Naan, to go.

I spent the next hour or so in my room at the guesthouse, fighting with the wifi connection and snacking on Butter Chicken and Naan bread.

That probably should have been the end of my binge eating, but, it wasn’t. Within a few hours I was on my way to the Saturday Night Market with Dan and Lindsay. Our first stop was Samosa Lady. OMG she makes the yummiest vegetarian samosas and it’s only 20 THB for 3 of them! I savoured every last bite of samosa, reminding myself that I can have more at the Sunday Night Market. After that it was a glass of Sugar Cane juice for 10 THB, and then there was this little chocolate mousse dessert for 20 THB [which was absolutely amazing].

After a wander through the market we were off to Chiang Mai gate [which was across the street] to see the Smoothie Lady. Smoothies are now 20 THB instead of 15 THB, but they still tasted good and I enjoyed every last drop of my strawberry smoothie [made without sugar].

Did the fun and eating stop there? Nope! I still needed to meet up with Warren and Betsy to say goodbye, as they’re leaving Chiang Mai.

I have so many favourite places in Chiang Mai, and I love to revisit them, but as I was wondering down a Soi [it’s like a small alley] I found a cute little café that offers free wifi and dishes like Pineapple for Mango curry [sounds absolutely fabulous]. I know that over the next month I will find plenty of new spots, I just need to space everything out a little better, and treat myself to non-market food only a few times a week. After all, I’m suppose to be getting into shape!

Sunday Night Market is tonight. Samosa. Kebab. BBQ pork on a stick. Banana Roll. OMG I better not eat until the market tonight. Ha ha ha

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    • Pamela

      Yeah. Love them too. We had about 2 hours together before I had to go back to my guesthouse and pass out. Ha ha

  1. Hailey

    Hi Pam,
    Love your stuff! I’m moving to Chiang Mai in June for an internship with a NGO and your articles are great. I was wondering if you could fill me in on your favorite guest house – as I’m going to need to stay in one while I search for an apartment.


    • Pamela MacNaughtan

      Hi Hailey,

      I usually stay At GAP’s House near Tha Pae Gate. It’s down the alley beside Wat Pan On. They are first come, first serve, so go in the morning to get a room. Great family, and very comfortable. Enjoy Chiang Mai!!



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