1. I’m not sure if I could limit myself to just a few croissants per month… 😉 But other than that, it’s good to know that Quebec City can be more affordable than other Canadian cities! This should come in handy when I (finally) make it over there.

  2. Simon

    Nice article! Being a native Montrealer I can tell you that the cost of living in Montreal is about the same as in Quebec but the city is much more fun 😉

  3. You know how badly I’ve wanted to visit Quebec City! (And Montreal and the whole of Canada, really.) I’ll have even more reason to visit if you move there! It does seem relatively affordable, the way you’ve broken it down. Of course I have a few others to consider, a few more mouths to feed :-)

  4. 7/9/2014

    I moved to Quebec City, in November of 1971. All I had was a guitar, a few clothes, a pack, a sleeping bag, and few dollars and a lot of curiosity. I never left until summer of 1975. I returned a couple of years ago in the summer of 2012, and it was almost like a different city. Rue St Jean was so commercialized that I hardly recognized it. All the places that I used to go to with friends for beer and food were gone, but even with all those changes it’s still a place I once called home.

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