Sunday Snapshot: Vienna, Austria

This week’s Sunday Snapshot takes us to… Vienna, Austria!

I visited Vienna during a whirlwind trip through Europe that included stops in Frankfurt, Köln, Paris (the train ride from Paris to Vienna was long, but good), and Prague. Unfortunately my time in Vienna was very short, but that didn’t stop me from seeing as much of the city as I possibly could – despite the intense heat. How did I not know that Vienna gets so hot in summer?! Holy crap!

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From Paris to Vienna

Choosing where to go after Paris was harder than I thought. I left my duffle bag, full of Mongol Rally gear, at the hostel in Köln so my route had to take me back that way. I know, Europe is a bog place, I have a Eurail pass, I could go anywhere! The problem was that whatever city I chose, I would only have a day or two, which ruled out Venice and Barcelona – places I know I need more than two days to explore.

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