A Taste of Lebanon in Singapore


Olives from Chef Ghazi’s Garden

When I arrived in Singapore I was thrilled about the location of the hostel I’d be staying in. I was in the arabic area. I had visions of incredible food. Food I had been craving for months and unable to find while I was in Malaysia. As I walked around the neighborhood, I would look at menus and become discouraged by the steep prices and the difference in what I thought was authentic food. It took 2-3 MRT stops south of my chosen neighborhood for me to find a restaurant with reasonable prices and authentic food.  I learned of Urban Bites through Twitter, and when I saw their menu, I knew I had to eat there.

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Visting the Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore

Cars inside Mint Museum of Toys

I don’t think I have to tell you that I’m a girl who loves things that are different and quirky, I’m pretty sure you know that already. So, it should come as no surprise that when I saw a brochure for the Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore, I just had to go. After all, I’m usually a little childish from time to time. It only makes sense that I would want to look at (and possibly drool over) old toys from around the world.

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Thoughts on Staying in Singapore’s Arabic Neighbourhood

I gorged myself on Indian food for the 2 months that I was in Penang. Sure, there was a little Nyonya food in there and the occasional Western style dish, but for the most part I ate Indian food.  Very yummy Indian food. I’m so in love with Indian food that one might think I would flock to Little India within hours of my arrival in Singapore. Guess what. I didn’t. In fact, it’s my second day in Singapore and I have yet to leave the neighborhood where my hostel is located.

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Finding a Slice of Quirky with a Side of Fries

It’s dark outside and the Sultan Mosque (as a quirky side note, did you know that the Sultan Mosque has it’s own Facebook Page?! It totally does) is is even more beautiful when it’s lit, it’s spires turning from yellow to green to blue to purple to red. I’ve attempted to take photos with my iPhone, but the photos are not as clear as I would like them to be (man, I miss my camera). I walked past the mosque to a side street filled with cars, but very little people. Most of the shops are closed, and only a selection of cafés, bars and restaurants are open. I walked slowly, glancing at menus and debating about whether I wanted to stop and have a snack.

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8 Things I Didn’t Know Before Moving to Singapore

About the AuthorEdna is a Pennsylvanian who recently graduated with a degree in political science she never plans on using. After a year and a half of studying, teaching, writing (and making the occasional Gaelic football appearance) in China, she moved to Singapore to work for the Youth Olympic Games and is currently working on an Asian supermodel reality tv show, while wondering daily how she got here. You can follow her adventures at Expat Edna and on twitter @ednacz

Eight months ago, I couldn’t tell you where Singapore was on a map. It was a month to go until graduation, and while I’d started planning my escape abroad, I had no clue where to actually run off to. Speaking to a best friend from college one night, he revealed his company was planning on transferring him to Singapore for a few months. “I’ll have a spare room, want to come live with me?”

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