The Most Raunchy Cemetery In The USA

Most Raunchy Cemetery in USA

I’ve walked through many cemeteries in my day, in fact I’ve run through a couple of them. Old gravestones covered with moss, the engravings slowly disappearing over time, some have cracks, some are completely broken; and in Virginia City some are surrounded by wooden four-poster bed frames. Yes, this is definitely the most raunchy cemetery in the USA.

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Sunday Snapshot: Seattle, USA

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Snapshot. This week I’m taking you stateside to one of my favourite spots on the west coast, Seattle. While Seattle tends to receive a ton of rain, I’ve always been lucky on my visits and ended up with Sunshine and blue skies. It’s almost as though it’s happy to see me.

In Seattle I tend to stay either downtown, or with a friend. And I can almost always be found wandering around the market, buying fresh cheese curds from Beechers, and walking along Post Alley. Seafood is my go-to food choice in Seattle – Etta’s being one of my favourite places. Of course the laid back lifestyle in Pacific Northwest is also a huge draw.

This city is easily one of my favourites in the Pacific Northwest. I love the laidback vibe, the fresh food , the funky neighbourhoods. There is also a pretty cool music and arts scene. I believe I have already mentioned the seafood. I will admit that aside from Pike Place Market, downtown can seem quite boring and bah at times – which is why I like to venture out to some of the funky neighbourhoods, rather than spending my time downtown.

Sunday Snapshot: Seattle, USA

New York City, Is It Worth Your Time?


New York City (NYC) is one of those cities that everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime, but what is the attraction? Why are so many people around the world completely enthralled with the idea of visiting NYC? Is it because the city has been immortalized in movies and television programs? Or is there something more to the city than celebrity status?

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I Pigged Out in New York

Mmmm cupcakes for breakfast!

Socrates, Monkey 007 & My Breakfast Cupcake 😉

It’s true I pigged out in New York. It was hard not to. How on earth could I travel to New York and starve myself?! No, no, that just would not do!

The afternoon I arrived in New York, I was slammed with appointments. Touring a couple of hotels, then going to Brooklyn to check out some of Charlie’s photographs at an exhibit, then off to meet a couple of fellow travel bloggers. When I finally returned to Yotel at 10pm, I was starving! Lucky for me there was a vendor outside the hotel selling gyros and other goodies. I ordered a couple of extra spicy lamb gyros, went up to my hotel room, turned on the TV, sat at the desk and began to slowly eat and work. Yes. A friday night in New York and I was in my room by 10:30pm licking my lips after each bite of my spicy lamb gyro. [I wonder if he delivers to Canada…]

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Staying at Yotel in New York

I walked through the front door into a clean, white, modern style lobby. On the left wall was a row of flat screen computers used for self check-in, to my right was a glass wall. On the other side of the glass wall was a huge mechanical arm and rows of floor to ceiling square compartments. I stood there and watched as the robotic arm opened a compartment, then retrieved a piece of luggage and placed it in a little opening in the wall. It was beyond cool. I could have stood there for over an hour, watching.

I heard of Yotel from Andrew Hickey (@BrooklynNomad), and after glancing through their website, I definitely wanted to check it out.

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A Visit to Coney Island

coney island, brooklyn, travel, hdr,

View of Coney Island from the Pier

The subway car was nearly empty as it stopped at W 8th Street NY Aquarium. Alisha and I got off and walked through the station, down the stairs and onto the street. The sun was shinning, the sky was clear and blue, the air was cool, but not cold and there was no snow on the ground.  ‘This is January, in Brooklyn, right?!’, I thought. I was amazed. When I thought of traveling to New York in January, I thought of snow and cold and ice and many layers of clothing. I didn’t think of spring weather. Yet, here I was, in New York (Brooklyn to be specific), and it felt like spring.

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Brunching with the Club Kids at DohYo

New York, brunch, DohYo, Yotel, NYC

The lights were on and music was pulsating through the room. It was like sitting in a nightclub, except I wasn’t in a nightclub, I was sitting at  a table at DohYo, a restaurant on the 4th floor of Yotel in New York. The time? 12 noon.

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Getting Lost In The New York Subway

I love New York. I know, it’s a cliché. Everyone says it. But I can’t help myself. I love the architecture here. Yes, the architecture! I love riding in cabs and holding on to the roof strap as if my life depended on it. I love the street vendors. I love the subway. I love the all the kooky ppl who ride the subway.

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