February 26 Pamela MacNaughtan

I’ve Been “Writing” My Guidebook for Too Long, And I’m Going to Try Regular Blog Posts

This is the book that never ends, it seems to go on and on my friends…

I feel as though I have been writing my guidebook to Québec City for three years and I am going nowhere.

Oh, wait, I have been writing it for the last three years.

Not full time, of course. I stopped to care for my dad before he passed away. I stopped again when I went back to Asia, and when my brain felt too sluggish to write. And again when I needed to make money so I could pay my rent in Québec City.

Ah, the joys of a large scale writing project that is funded by a dwindling bank account.

While writer’s block has played a role in the process, my own fears and doubts and obsessions have played even bigger ones. I have spent way too many hours worrying about how to organize everything so it all makes sense. I’ve fretted over trying to interview francophones as my French is horrifying – I’m sure my nine-year-old niece could do a better job, but I’m pretty sure having her do it would a.) look unprofessional and b.) be against child labour laws.

I haven’t given up, though it has been tempting.

Last night I read an article called How to Fall Back in Love with Writing; written by Jeff Goins, the article talks about writing every day, writing for yourself and pursuing your passions.

[At this point, my brain is so fried I’m not entirely sure what my passions are anymore.]

It was after reading Jeff’s article that I sat down in my pitch black bedroom, opened my laptop, and began writing this post. Yay!

I would love to say that I plan to write a blog post every day as a way of falling back in love with writing, but I’m not sure I can commit to every day – especially as I am going back and forth between Toronto and Québec City and most of my days are in front of my laptop; it doesn’t make for exciting writing. You know?

I do think writing regular blog posts could be an interesting experiment. I wouldn’t be writing in hopes of going viral, or researching SEO keywords to help me find the right title; I’ll be writing about whatever is floating around in my brain or about things that are happening around me.

I’m pretty sure only five people are going to be reading these blog posts, and I’m okay with that. Less pressure ;).


I think I need to go on a Facebook diet. I just stopped writing this post to scroll through facebook like a zombie looking for a brain supper. [<— I’m not entirely sure what I mean by that.]

458 words… I can’t end this post until I’m at 500.

Oh! 469!

I’m going to hit the sack early and set my alarm for 5am in hopes that my brain feels like writing about all things Québec City. I still need to knock out the rest of the guidebook history section and get started on possibly itineraries and day trips.

Until tomorrow night, then!
[523! Want to know something sad? I started counting the words myself, out loud, and then remembered I could just look at the bottom of the page. Wow.]

[Also, I’m totally leaving the SEO plugin fields on this post blank. I’m a rebel, I know!]

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