I know what you’re thinking, “Is she really going to write about her boobs?!”, and the answer is YES! Why? Well for one, they are kind of attached to me, which means they are a big part of my travel experiences; pun totally intended. Here’s the thing, they are ginormous. No, really, they totally are. My cup size is a size H (OMG I think I may hyperventilate. I’ve never admitted that to anyone before).

That is not my stomach resting between my arms, it’s my BOOBS!!

Here’s the thing, my ‘girls’ are 100% natural. Yes, I am oh so blessed! I am definitely the luckiest girl in the world. Like, OMG, I know YOU totally want my boobs. Or so you say!

You’re so lucky! Some women would love to have your boobs!

You don’t want my boobs. Why? Well because carrying around two 8lb watermelon-like appendages (I weighed one of my boobs once, with a kitchen scale. I’m not sure of the accuracy, but it was impressively heavy. Hey, if guys can measure their junk with a ruler, I can weigh my boobs on a kitchen scale!) can cause a bit of back pain on a semi-regular basis, and the whole ‘lift with your knees’ advice doesn’t really work when your boobs act as a counter weight! And don’t even think about running. Running with boobs my size means I’m wearing a bra, two or three sports bras, and I’m holding them down to minimize the movement and pain. Yes, pain! And let’s not forget to mention the ever attractive uni-boob that multiple sports bras create!

Teenage boys make growth charts. I make shrinkage charts. 

But if that is not enough of a deterrent…

Non-ginormous-boob-people have questions, views, or opinions about the magnitude of my bodacious rack (I’m guessing YOU may be one of those people); like the total stranger in Sudbury who decided to ask me why I haven’t had breast reduction surgery yet. You know, because I often talk of such things with random strangers.

“Well it’s kind of a big decision and there are a lot of factors to consider. Like the whole nipple removal thing”, I responded, hoping she’d drop the subject. Except she didn’t. So I had to go into even more detail about loss of feeling, breastfeeding repercussions if I choose to have children…

“The first time I met Pam was at TBEX 2010 in NYC. I jumped up from my seat and went in for a hug — only to find myself against a boob barrier. I still hugged her, and effectively squished her boobs in the process. They’re really nice, like pillows.” Candice, from Candice Does the World

Then there are the women who cup their breasts, look at mine, and say “I wish I had some of yours”, to which I respond, “Hey, you find the surgeon and foot the bill, and you can totally take half!”; to which they laugh and I think ‘No really, pay for it and I would gladly give you some!‘ (I’ve checked into surgery. It would cost at least $8,000. I could live in Asia for a year for $8,000!)

“As a female with small rack, I have boob envy. I don’t know what I love more, that her boobs are huge or that she’s rocking flip flips every time I see her.” Alicia, from My Life Untethered 

If I’m not being asked for a piece of my boobs, or asked about my surgery choices, then I’m being counseled on where I should be buying my bras (or having them custom made). Although this can be a tad annoying in North America, I would welcome this conversation in say… Thailand; where I had to order bras off the internet, pay a crazy amount of money to have them shipped to Thailand, only to open the box and discover that, wait for it…

The bras I ordered where MADE IN THAILAND!

Boobs without Borders

I wear a lot of black, so the magnitude of my bodacious rack is minimized. [photo taken by Lisa Jones during our time in Africa]Here’s the thing, travelling with ginormous boobs = a lot of staring; and if you’re me it also involves slight mauling by old Chinese women.

Travelling with a backpack will make you stand out from the locals, but travelling with ginormous boobs and a backpack will make you stick out like a lion in a penguin colony.

Huh? What do you mean I can’t mention mauling by old Chinese women and not say anything more?! Isn’t that enough info for you?!

Fine… the short version is that I was in Xi’an, China. I was innocently walking down the street when an old woman stopped me, grabbed my arm, yammered at me in Mandarin, and poked my boobs with her finger. She then tried to look down my shirt; which I held tightly against my chest. When she couldn’t look down it, she tried to lift it up, when I countered by holding down the bottom of my shirt she had a friend stand in front of me and mime that I should lift up my shirt so they could see the real deal. I am so not kidding. I was beat red. I was rife with awkward laughter. I was mortified. But, I managed to get my arm free and walk away with all my clothes on and my dignity rocking itself to sleep in a white padded room.

Aside from old Chinese women my boobs have only been poked a couple times while traveling. Most of the time people (especially men) just stare. On occasion I may be followed for a time (which was slightly humorous in Cuba, but sacred the shit out of me in Sri Lanka), but the most common reaction is staring, and photographs.

Wait? Photographs?!

It’s not as x-rated as you might be thinking. Asian men have a habit of asking to take a photo with me, and my polite Canadian nature keeps me from saying no; like when a Thai cop asked to have a photo with me in the middle of a dispute with my landlord, and then slipped me his private number afterward. Oh, I am so not kidding about that.

Traveling with ginormous boobs means I’m a little more aware of my surroundings, but it doesn’t mean I’m limited in where I travel. And if YOU have ginormous boobs, it shouldn’t limit you either!

Embracing the Realities with Humor

I am ‘Ginormous Boob Woman’! Boobs that can envelope a single bullet! I can cross a border without stepping a single foot across!

If you’re a ginormous-boob-sufferer, find the humor in it. Think of it this way…

  • Tired of crumbs and small bits of food falling into your cleavage when you eat? No worries, with Ginormous Boobs you can either rest a plate on them to avoid crumbs all together, OR you can embace the situation and keep the crumbs as a snack for later!! (**warning: before getting your groove on be sure to duck into a bathroom, take off your bra, and clean them out. Apparently crumbs can be a turn off)
  • Ginormous boobs = a sore, and usually a strong back! I can press roughly 300lbs with my back at the gym. Seriously, my personal trainer was in shock.
  • Depressed? Trying to end it all? Hanging upside down (or completely flat in some cases) may cause your ginormous boobs to partially strangle you (Sorry guys, if a girl has firm ginormous boobs, they are probably fake!)
  • What? You want to do a shrinking head photo effect?! No problem! Snap a photo of yourself holding the camera angled up just below your boobs. The photo will show your ginormous boobs, and in comparison your head will look incredibly small!
Why yes, that IS a bottle of icy water resting on my boobs!
So, there it is, my not-so-whiney post about living and traveling with ginormous boobs. When you meet me in person, you’ll totally understand, I promise! Actually… if you HAVE met me in person, feel free to leave your impressions in the comments!
My boobs are a part of who I am. I have options, and I have the right to choose the one that suits my life needs. There are challenges with having ginormous boobs, but that’s just life! Like I said before, they’re kinda attached to me, and I’m okay with that.



About The Author

I'm a travel writer and photographer who specializes in bespoke travel experiences. I write about boutique, savvy and cultural travel. My writing has been featured in Outpost Magazine, Travel + Escape, and UP! Magazine.

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94 Responses

  1. brandy

    oh girl, your poor back. however, i can comiserate with you, and include a few other uses that i put my knockers to: why hold an umbrella, when you can stick the handle between your ta-ta’s and have hands free walking? the space between the ladies is excellent for hiding things in, forgetting about them, and finding them later!
    I once found a roll of quarters in my bra. still have no clue….

    great post Pam!

    • Pamela

      Brandy you totally remind me of the time I was in Namibia and I wanted to check something on my phone. I was standing at a bar and slid my hand into the left boob cup of my bra for my phone. Pulled it out and was all “Crap. Wrong phone!”. I then put it back, dug into the right boob cup and pulled out my African phone instead. The look on the bartender’s face was priceless!!

      • Andi

        I put my iPhone between my breasts when I work out hahaha!

      • Pamela

        I have to say, I am LOVING the boobie confessions in this post! Seriously.

  2. Tracy

    I’m so glad I was reading those last couple of points at home in a house by myself and not in a crowded cafe having to explain why I was snorting hysterically to mystified onlookers. I love the shrunken head and ending it all examples. And I love the lion in the penguin colony … except it would only work if the penguins rather than running away from the lion all wanted to mob it, take photos of it and stroke it’s shiny mane. ha!

    I guess one way to look at it is ‘the girls’ give you an unique cultural perspective that most other travellers never experience. OK so maybe some of those experiences you’d rather never have, but hey they’re unique. I say next time you are in Asia find someone that makes shirts and get a few made that say “YES THEY ARE REAL. NO YOU CANT TOUCH OR PHOTOGRAPH THEM”. Probably best to get them in English, Thai and Mandarin!

    • Pamela

      I’m glad I’m reading comments in a quiet room, as I am laughing way too much. It was hard to decide what to put in, and what to leave out. Like the whole loss of feeling part of having ginormous boobs. But hey! I think I need a cape and an outfit for Halloween next year. I can totally do a ‘Ginormous Boob Woman’ costume!! Bwhahahaha

    • Pamela

      Oh, and I’m emailing Thai friends to give me the proper translation for the t-shirt. Maybe I should charge a fee for photographs? Starving traveller and all…

    • Tamara

      LOVE the idea of the T-shirt. It would totally help avoid SO many awkward, unwanted conversations!

  3. Ash

    I loved your story about the Chinese woman trying to see your boobs… I had a similar thing happen to me in South Korea. I do not have ginormous breasts, however they are slightly larger than what you might expect for my frame… I traveled with my mom through South Korea, visiting my sister who was working there on the weekends–my mom pretty much let me plan the whole trip with the exception of a “must do” day trip to a bath house. Since she had been such a great sport for the weeks that we backpacked around the country (yes, my 50+ year old mother backpacked it with me), I felt like I couldn’t say no… although the idea of being completely naked walking around in front of 100’s of Korean ladies made me just a little anxious. I tried to keep my bathing suit bottom on, but was instantly caught by another patron who grabbed them and started pulling them off of me. If that, along with the constant staring and pointing wasn’t bad enough, as we were preparing to leave one very brave little old lady came up to me (with her little old lady clique watching steps away), took both of her hands, grabbed my breasts and shook them. On the plus side (?), she told me that they were very beautiful, so I guess I should be flattered??!! 🙂

    • Pamela

      OMG Ash. Thank-you for the story. My nose is burning; having just snorted Diet Coke. I cannot imagine having an old woman jiggle them. Wow. Kudos for finding the humor in it!! 🙂

    • Natalie

      OMG, I wonder if that was the same woman who smacked my breasts and said they were beautiful in Korea! Were you in Busan at the fish market? 😀

    • Angela

      I’m 57 and I had to laugh when you stressed your mother’s age! I’m still backpacking and I’ve been doing it since I was 30 including in Thailand when I was pregnant and with my daughter when she was 2! Now she’s grown up I hope to go travelling with her again one day…maybe to Korea! Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Natalie

    Hilarious Pamela! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s been molested by women in Asia. And I’m not the only one who keeps my cell in my bra! Thanks for the laugh.

    • Pamela

      I’d keep a family of kittens in my bra if I could guarantee they wouldn’t scratch my bodacious rack!! Bwahahaha

      I really think I should ask for money the next time one of them cops a feel.

  5. Melissa- The Mellyboo Project

    This post made me giggle like no other – cause I kind of understand!

    While I am not quite as ‘blessed’ as you and your H’s… my DD’s definitely get me a few stares and they seem to always come up in conversation – I don’t think a day goes by without them being talked about.

    Anyways. Love it! 🙂

    • Pamela

      It’s lovely, isn’t it? I’m pretty good with random conversations now. I use to work with Alzeihmer’s patients and one of the men use to ask if he could milk me, like on a daily basis. It’s amazing how quickly you can numb yourself to the comments. LOL

      How is it traveling with your girls?

      • Melissa- The Mellyboo Project

        He asked if he could MILK you!? OMG!

        Travelling with Mary-Kate and Ashley (as I so fondly call my girls) have been okay – granted when I was visiting the Himba Tribe in Namibia and playing with some of the young children, there were a few toddlers who grabbed my boobs and I’m pretty sure if I didn’t put them down, they were going to try to nurse. Kind of funny though.

        I haven’t been to too many ultra-conservative places… so i’ll report back to you when I do 😉

      • Pamela

        Oh yes. It was part of his Alzeihmer’s; so the comments didn’t effect me the way they would if someone else said them to me.

        OMG SO many toddlers have grabbed my boobs. It use to be really embarrassing, but now I respond with “Oh sweetie, that would be like getting blood from a stone.”

  6. Chris Gray Faust

    Loved this post! I haven’t been molested in Asia with my DDs, but I have had lots of leering, staring and comments – especially when I travel with my sister, who looks a lot like me. It’s not great off the road too. I just had a clerk at Macy’s, where I was ordering a bridesmaid dress for said sister’s upcoming wedding, tell me that my top-heavy measurements couldn’t possibly exist. Um, yeah. Right.

  7. karIn

    thanks for the hilarious post and for making your website so way to read via phone, this improved my commute home 125%. Don’t have the same problems In the boob dep. but always get approached by randoms about my heIght, esp In asIa!

  8. Casey E. Palmer

    Awesome post 🙂 While I can’t directly relate, I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t write a post about the size of my junk and get away with it. You managed to make the topic very approachable and honest.


    • Pamela

      You’re probably right… BUT if there is a guy out there who gets cupped by old Chinese men when he travels, then I totally want to hear THAT story!

  9. Laura

    Pam you are hilarious!! While I empathize with you for all of the unwanted attention you get and genuinely wish it wasn’t so, your story from Xi’an is shocking and I laughed out loud. And I agree with someone above- you should totally get a shirt made with ‘Yes they are real’ or just get a shirt that says on the back “Photos $1” In Asia it sounds like you could totally cover your living expenses with photos! <3

    • Pamela

      Okay, I am definitely making a t-shirt that says that! Now to have it translated into Thai and Mandarin…

  10. Kate - Canuckiwikate

    This is the first time I’ve come across your blog, and first post of yours I’ve read, and I can relate to wanting to donate and the others! Mine are. the first to grow and first to go when my weight changes… I’d always been a DD, and then at one point this year I was fitted for G-cup bras in NZ! I’m back to wearing DD now, but still have to strap these puppies down in order to do any sort of exercise.

    Good on ya for embracing the beauty of the bountiful boobies and acknowledging the not so blissful aspects! 🙂

    • Pamela

      I’ve been squeezing my girls into a DDD cup for the longest time! I wanted a cute bra though, so I had to embrace the H cup. I still squeeze them into DDD granny bras though. LMAO

  11. The Queer Nomad

    So, the verdict is: having giant boobs is awesome, but also physically strenuous? I’m a little bit confused about this, being a girl with small but not tiny boobs in the west, but with ‘big’ boobs by Asian standards. Maybe the verdict is: we love our boobs, no matter what.

    • Pamela

      I think the moral is that having giant boobs sucks most of the time, but they are there, so may as well learn to live with them and find the humor in it. Surgery is always an option, but it’s something that needs serious consideration. Let’s all be boobie proud today. 🙂

  12. Melody

    I know you said you hear about where to buy, etc. all the time, but I just can’t help myself. I need to share the love.

    Giiiiiirl, I’m a J cup, and from the photos, I think you might be too (at least likely larger than a mere H cup!) – I don’t know where you live (I just found your blog, and am about to read the whole dang thing), but me thinks you’re in Canada. If so, get your bodacious boobied self to a Change (Change of Scandinavia) store, and get sized. Holy moses, the store transformed my life. $45-$65 bras that FIT! UNREAL! Insider secret: try the Florence full cup if you’re a…well…full cup. 😉 http://www.change.com/en-ca/

    From one mucho mammary gal to another.

    <3 Mel

    • Pamela

      It was traumatic enough buying an H cup. I think I could cry at the cash register if I had to buy a J cup. I’m in boob denial most times. BUT I’ll check the website out. Thanks for the tip. Nice to know the bras don’t cost like $100!!

      • Kristen

        This was a great post–and I agree, you’re probably bigger than an H cup. Check out this post from Brittany Herself about how to size yourself when you’re larger. Turns out my DDs are actually DDDDDs. Stupid Victoria’s Secret–I think they didn’t want to lose my business. http://brittanyherself.com/2014/02/05/happy-boobs/

  13. Sally

    Geez, I thought it was bad when the taxi drivers in China would stare at my chest & cause near accidents every time I wore a v-neck! At least I didn’t have any old ladies telling me to lift up my shirt! Gah!
    And I can’t believe people just ask you about surgery without even knowing you. And continue asking! I think as soon as someone said the words “nipple removal” I would know the conversation was over.

    • Pamela

      I know, right?! I thought being graphic about the surgery would shut her up, but no! I had to go into all the other things that can go wrong with the whole nipple removal and reattachment portion of the surgery.

  14. Andi

    I am sooo happy you wrote this post!!!!!! Okay, my breasts are not quite as large as yours, but I’m a DD, and I HATE how big they are. Women always say how envious they are, but 1) I can never find anything to wear 2) I always have to tone down my outfits because I can come off looking too sexy and 3) my lower back always hurts. BB (big boobed) girls unite! 🙂

    • Pamela

      I know what you mean! Shirts look like tents if they fit my boobs, or the shirts look buckled because the boobs stretch them too much. I refuse to wear dresses. Why do you think all my photos are head shots?! If someone offers to take my photo I decline, or tell them that my boobs cannot be in the photo. I have boob rules. Alicia and Kristen know all about my boob rules. LOL

  15. Erik

    This is just another of the 1000th time I am thankful not to be a woman. Here in the US, media causes so many body image issues. I think it is great and inspiring to see women who are comfortable and proud of themselves. I’m a ‘hefty’ guy and people can be pretty awful, and I know women are treated even worse. I love that you approach it with realism and humor. You are a strong person. Thanks for inspiring me to try and be the same!

  16. Kera - Dreadnaught Darling

    Oh girl, you have my complete sympathy. I’m wandering around with a G cup. A lot of times when traveling I wear a sports bra as it minimizes the attention shown to them. However, I am grateful that ‘the girls’ are no larger than they already are. I have people constantly telling me where to buy bras and I’ve been asked a number of times if my boobs are real. There have even been the ‘Your breasts are surprisingly perky for their size’ commentary from strangers. I’ve also had a lot of women (and men) say “I/my wife had breast reduction surgery and has been so happy since she did.”

    I am pretty blessed and do not suffer back pain. I suffer random-underwire-to-the-side-of-my-breast pain more often than I would care to admit. Like you, reduction surgery sounds horrid because I 1. do not want to pay for it. 2. Nipple removal!!!!! WHY would I want to do that?! freaks me out. 3. It would look a bit odd on my frame if I did not have the size chest that I do. I think it may cause an identity crisis.

    Anyway, you’re awesome. Thanks for this post!

    • Pamela

      THANK-YOU for the underwire reminder! Do you know how many underwires my bodacious boobies have BROKEN?!?!?! Seriously. Like snapped right in half, or they break through the material and stab my boobs. Totally know THAT pain. Ugh.

  17. Joel

    Haha, great post. It was fascinating experiencing this phenomenon with you in Kunming. I really admired your sense of humor about it – being the center of attention is NOT something I crave (not amongst random people on the street, anyway).

    • Pamela

      Joel, I don’t think I will EVER forget Kunming. OMG, the staring. The marriage market. The pointing. The staring. Thanks for hanging out with me despite it all! 😉

  18. Heather - Ginger Nomads

    Great post Pamela! Like Melissa, I am not quite as endowed as you are but definitely get the stares in Asia. But most of the photograph requests instead are for the ginger hair. And we Canadians really can’t say no to that request. It took me way longer than necessary to get through the Forbidden Palace in Beijing than it should’ve for the exactly that reason.

  19. Ekua

    Some of these experiences sound similar to traveling as a black woman. I’ve had several people touch my hair and in southern Vietnam, I encountered older women who would rub my skin as if the color might rub off or something. But I can’t imagine how I’d react to someone poking my chest! It’s awesome that you’re willing to speak so candidly about your experiences, thanks for sharing!

    • Pamela

      It’s interesting to see how locals react. You’d think they would be less ‘amazement’ in highly travelled areas, but nope!

  20. Priya

    Ok. there were some LOL moments here. yay for big boobs! I’m glad you’re not letting it stop you from living your life! You go girl!

  21. Nicole

    Ahhh finally someone who understands!!!

    My boobs aren’t as big as yours but man they can be painful with the ol’ backpack on… or when buying clothes in China… but they do make for great stories!

    I’ve had to explain to people about the nipple moving as well – soooo awkward!

    Keep rockin’ those things proudly lady! 🙂
    (and love your black tshirt! Such a cool slogan)

  22. Ruby

    You may be used to people being distracted by your boobs, but I was actually distracted by the slogan you had slung across them in that photo in Africa. It’s not a lonely planet. LOVE that. 🙂

  23. Liz

    I’m actually in love with this post, props to you for writing it! Glad you’re not letting it hold you back. I just discovered your site and will definitely be checking back for new posts!

  24. bhavani

    love the way you write about it so normally, like its just another thing! i wouldn’t have been able to… kuddos to you not letting them getting in the way of your stories 🙂

  25. Jo (The Blond)

    oops! I think I wrote something like ‘I would like to have a problem like that’ under your facebook status about your post.
    Now, I understand that having big boobs is not a fairy tale. But I love your sense of humor about this!

  26. Cristina

    And here I am totally complaining abt my C cup (I think they are a bit too big for jogging). Husband loves them – duh, men!
    I cannot even begin to understand how hard it must be for you…those back pains are something that a friend of mine (a D cup) has always complained abt.

  27. Paul Krol

    I love your laid-back attitude and general acceptance of how things are. Always easier said than done, but I think you did a great job! And interesting subject, and why not write about – especially if its so ‘obvious’. Just get it off your chest, so to speak, and you sure did!

  28. Alouise

    I can totally relate to this post on many levels (an H cupper here). Ginormous boobs certainly are a bit of a pain in the ass (well really the back). I had no idea that the girls could get such an interesting reaction. Stares I’ve seen, but full out prodding and poking I haven’t been subjected to yet. I haven’t checked much into breast reduction surgery, but $8000 is a lot, certainly more than I can afford right now. Also I gotta commend you on running. I won’t subject myself to anything more than a brisk walk because anything more intense is just too painful.

  29. [Movemeber] My Day as a Mo Sista - Spunkygirl Monologues

    […] Driving with massive eyelashes and a big black ‘Mo’ was pure entertainment. Many people kept their eyes forward, but from time to time I would catch people staring, and laughing. Which made me laugh as well. I was quite the site – and for the first time in a long time, nobody was staring at my ginormous boobs! […]

  30. Sarah

    You go girl! You are so blessed to have natural boobs of this size! I am due to have a boob job in essex as I am unhappy with the size of mine! Wish me luck!

  31. Kate

    Wow. I’m an H(ish – depends on the day, the bra, the alignment of the stars…), but I’ve never had much more than stares and the occasional poke from a kid. However, I can attest that you simply can’t know what it’s like if you aren’t “blessed”. I forgot my sports bra during a trip home, and only tried working out once (nearly taking myself out in the process) before giving up. I tried explaining this to my workout buddy when I got home, and she just gave me this “yeah, right” look. I had to resist the urge to give a demonstration!

  32. Marissa

    I am also in boob denial! I hit a D cup when I was about 15, and always said if they got any bigger I would seriously end up considering a breast reduction at some point in life (I also have fairly severe scoliosis, so back pain is a given even without all the added weight!) Luckily they slowed down and only got up to a large D or DD, but I refuse to shop anywhere other than Victoria’s Secret, because a couple of their bras I can still where a D, and anywhere else I have to go with a DD… Which means shelling out more cash for a new bra than I would like.

    And I can definitely relate to the comments about needing to be more conscious of what you wear… and not just while traveling! There are so many styles of shirts I can’t wear to work because, while they would be modest on someone with smaller breasts, they are extremely revealing because there is so much cleavage! My mom and a few close friends used to joke that I could show cleavage while wearing a turtleneck!

    Thanks for the awesome post! You’ve definitely got a great sense of humor about it!

  33. 7 Ways My Youngest Niece Used My Boobs This Week - Spunkygirl

    […] not shy about my ginormous boobs, at least not since I wrote about them here on the blog. YOU may be secretly wishing I would stop talking about them, but until you say […]

  34. Melody

    I definitely agree with the awesomeness of being able to hide things in there! I once woke up after an awesome night in Malaysia with chapstick, tons of money and a cuban cigar sticking out of them.

  35. Ella

    Sooo glad i came across this! and so nice to hear that there are other people out there with the same problems i face! im not lying when i say you took the words right out of my mouth, actually i think you just described my life! Im 18 and weighed down by G cup boobs! i seriously consider breast reduction surgery time and time again but like you i always think about the nitty gritty of it all and am turned away! its great to hear that the size of your boobs does not limit you in your travels. im planning a big backpackers trip through indonesia at the start of next year with 5 girls who have the most perfect little petite boobies. all i can think about is how easy its going to be for them to dress (most times without a bra, lucky girls!) every day and how im going to have to struggle with my bra and two ports bras in 40 degree heat. ohh well i guess we just have to embrace the ta ta’s right?
    glad ive now found the funny side to this all!

    • Pamela

      It can definitely be a challenge, but as long as you’re okay with the extra sports bras, the stares, and dealing with occasional boob sweat, then you’re good to go!

      • joel

        Hi there, Pamela

        which countries have you been backpacking to ? It sounds like great fun. I’ve done a bit myself, but only “locally” here in Europe.

      • Pamela MacNaughtan

        Hi Joel, I’ve backpacked through parts of Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Mongolia, parts of Central Asia, Mexico, and North America. 🙂 It can be a lot of fun, for sure!

      • joel

        I see from you blog you are a travel writer organizing bespoke trips. Doesn’t sound like your routine 9 to 5 job to me. I have laways dreamed of working for a travel guide book, like the Guide du Routard, spending my life reviewing different places, restaurants, and seeing more of the world

  36. Inside the Backpack of a Girl with Ginormous Boobs - Monologues

    […] Travelling with Ginormous boobs has its challenges, and one of them is knowing what to pack so I’m comfortable in any situation, or climate. Which also means that ‘normal’ packing rules don’t really apply to me. […]

  37. Lafayete Pauludetti

    Great thread, Pamela! You have managed to talk about your boobs on a very hilarious way, without being sexually explicit. I could not stop laughing.
    It is funny the approach that some Asian cultures have towards sexuality. I remember back a few years ago, I was working in Germany for a Japanese company, and we all went for dinner. I started talking to those two Japanese Engineer girls, and after starting talking about differences between Europe and Japan, the subject ended up being penis size.
    They started talking about the size of the penises they had in their life right in front of me, just like when someone talks about the supermarket shop list, and one of them said she could not wait to see how endowed Germans were.
    All of sudden, the other girl asked the size of mine, just as if I wanted another beer. At first, I thought she was joking and laughed, but then I noticed she was serious and expecting a precise reply, I said big, but she insisted to have the precise dimensions…Finally, I told them but not without a bit of embarrassment, and without hesitating she asked: Can I see it? It is almost like my vibrator, and I never seen one that big….It is my dream to have a X inches long penis (No measurements disclosed in a public post)
    I never felt so embarrassed in my whole life.I really felt like a perfume or a dress or any other women’s object of desire. She didn’t even kiss me, or demonstrated any sign of passion, all she was concerned about was to check my di…. and use it like a toy, and the day after she started talking about it with this other friend in English and right in front of me at work!?!?!
    A few years after, a Japanese friend of mine explained that the reason for this approach in the Japanese culture towards sex is because of the lack of religious barriers, like we have in Western or Muslim cultures, which for me makes sense.

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  39. Kiki Lewis

    While living in South Korea and traveling around SE Asia I had my boobs fondled by Asian woman on more than one occasion. While shopping in Vietnam one of the woman weighed my boobs in her hands to see if a shirt would fit me. Yes, that made perfect sense. But they woman was so tiny and confident I didn’t know how to stop her.

  40. Stephanie

    Oh. My. Lord. I think I love you. haha I have some rather large boobies myself, and I have all sorts of troubles. I’ve become very good at repairing my own bras though. When I sew them up, I also use a very bright, different color as a battle scar for my bra.

    Anyway! My friend and I are planning our first trip together. We also work together, and we have the biggest boobs in the place. Everyone knows it too! We are going to NYC in late November, and we are trying to get a rough estimate on how many layers it’s going to take to cover our chests. We’re from Texas too. What is this “layering” thing everyone talks about?! Here we just try to take off all our clothes to stay cool! Wearing more than one layer is suicide!

  41. Riya Parikh

    This made me laugh so much, haha! 😀
    You are brave and funny with your words, I adore that. 🙂

  42. Aurora

    I love this post so much! It made me smile! 🙂 I have very voluptuous and ample boobies myself and I found myself periodically uttering “Oh, I feel you, girl!” as I was reading this post. You are funny and positive about everything you have come across and I admire and applaud that! Your approach has made me appreciate and love my boobs! 🙂 As a traveler and a generally active person I totally understand the double or triple bra necessity. None of my friends or family understand this! haha Anyway, I thank you for writing this post! You are helping spread the word and love for big boobs! Stay golden!

  43. Jolan

    Excellent post! Wish I’d found it, & the post that linked me here, before instead of after my last trip! I’m a D/DD cup now, but I was a G cup before my breast reduction years ago. Actually cost over $20K, because of the lipo involved when you’re really extra “blessed”! Luckily, it was completely (really. Completely) covered by health insurance because over a certain size is considered a health risk – I.e., the sore, aching back. MUCH easier/less daunting when it’s a free surgery 🙂

    Anyway, thx again for the giggle 🙂

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  45. Dena

    Dear Pamela, I’d LOL if it weren’t for the fact that I can somewhat commiserate with you on this subject! My 72 yr old mom is a J cup and only 5’5 originally!!! I’m thankful my misery is only
    DDD (I’m 5’2) and no I’m NOT talking about “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”!!!! My younger cousin is about your size and I really feel for her!!! She says guys in Italy are “grabbers”! UGH!!!
    Fortunately I have my hubby with me on most trips so I don’t worry- he’s 6’0 and over 285lbs!
    So- THANK YOU THANK YOU for your words on traveling with “THEM”!!!!!

      • Richard

        So where are you based now? I also travel a lot and will love to meet you. in failing that, visit London on me. I got you. you would’nt need to dip in your pockets at all.

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  47. Tamara

    It’s always nice to commiserate with others who truly understand! Thanks for the encouragement to maintain a sense of humor. It’s not always easy. As a natural “G” with a smallish frame, I can totally relate. In S. Korea, I once had the entire back kitchen staff come out one by one to laugh and point. It was clear from the hand motions and exclamations of “big, big!” what the commotion was about. When living in Japan as a less thick-skinned high school student, I felt so awkward having to participate in “track” which involved running around the perimeter of the school while students hung out the windows to watch my boobs bounce past. Ugh. Like you I’ve developed strategies for camouflage and such, but I love hearing all the tips and tales!

  48. Cjor

    Once attended the performance of a comedian who was beyond amply bosomed.
    She walked out on stage breathless, plopped down on a chair, fished around in her enormous bra and pulled out a glass. Then she fished around in there for some ice cubes that she put in the glass. She then reached in for a whisky bottle and poured herself a drink.


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