That seems to be the question we’re asking ourselves lately. Many of the ralliers will be starting in London at Goodwood. I hear it’s a party like no other, which is quite tempting. However, some Mongol Rally people will start two days later in Prague. The party is not as grand, but there is still a party!

I’ve traveled to London once before, in 2007. I wasn’t really a fan. It could be that I stayed in the wrong neighborhood. It could be the fact that the tube was under construction and almost all of the subway lines were closed. It could be that I found it dirtier than Paris. It could be all of those things. Either way, London did not sit well with me in 2007.

I was going to ignore 2007 though. I was going to start over and give London another chance. I was even looking into apartments in London for a week or so. Then we remembered something. Something big. The Olympics are going to be in London at the same time!

I know, many of you are very excited about this fact and would stay in London in a heartbeat and probably go to some of the events. Not me! Why? Well…

  1. London is going to be even more expensive during the Olympics.
  2. Flights to London are going to be a nightmare.
  3. There will be an insane amount of people walking around.
  4. Traffic will be a nightmare.
  5. Shit is going to go down. Shit always goes down in London.

So, I am channeling my inner chicken little and deciding that a start in Prague is a much better idea.

  1. I can fly into Paris or Frankfurt for a decent price
  2. I can explore areas of Eastern Europe before the rally, which has been a dream for awhile.
  3. There will not be as many people around (or they will be spread out a little more).
  4. Traffic will be normal for whatever country I’m in.
  5. I can cross new countries off my list!

Prague. I have dreamed of Prague for years. I’m stoked to arrive in Europe a month before the rally so I can explore and get psyched up for the rally and my slow return home via the Silk Road.

Sure, it may seem like we’re wimping out by not departing from London, but I don’t think so. Personally, I don’t want to start this rally feeling irritated and stressed, which I would if I was starting London and fighting through crowds, traffic etc. In my mind, Prague is more interesting. It’s new and different.

Deciding between the two has not been easy. Each of us can make arguments for both, but I think we’re going to choose Prague. I think it’s a smarter choice and frankly, a much cheaper one!

Would you avoid the Olympics if given the choice, or would you say f–k it and go anyway?


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5 Responses

  1. Claire

    It took me a few trips to warm up to London but now I really like it. For your trip though, I would go with Prague (just got back and LOVED IT!) and you might be glad in the end that you saved the money by not going to London.

  2. Joolzimail-wild

    Hey Spunky,
    The Olympics won’t actually start until after you leave the UK, and if you go to the UK launch (which isn’t in London) you can still go to the Czech launch (which isn’t usually in Prague) which is a smaller start line, but has the rip-snorting party-to-end-memory-of-any-previous-parties-party. The only thing you gain from starting in Czech Rep is the chance tospeand abut more time in central Europe – and the chance to avoid London, but I think itwas Jesus who said “when a man/woman tires of London he/she tires of life”.

    • SpunkyGirl Monologues

      Joolz, you’re killing me! Okay, it doesn’t start in London, but we still have to get there AND find a place to stay for at least a week before. That is not looking too cheap….

  3. Alouise

    I loved London, but I don’t think I’d want to visit while the Olympics are on. It seems like you’ve got your heart set on Prague, and I think you should go with your heart. You can always visit London when it won’t be as busy, and stressful. 

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