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The idea came to me as I was contemplating what to pack for a 24 hour trip to Montréal. I’m attending a gala and due to VIA Rail’s train schedule, I have to spend the night in the city. As it happens, the Grand Prix is also in town which has made it difficult to find a hotel room. While I could ditch the gala and stay home, I decided to go anyway and stay up until my 6:15 am train tomorrow. It’s a slightly crazy idea, but I do like crazy so…

The thought of carrying a heavy day bag around Montréal for 24 hours is depressing, so I came up with an idea. What if I leave my DSLR and extra lens at home? I’ve been thinking of downsizing my gear and this could be a mini trail run to see how well I could survive. It sounds ridiculous, but I am seriously attached to my DSLR and not having it with me is like a heroine addict trying to go cold turkey after being a user for 5 years.

As with most of my ideas, the thought of downsizing my gear took on a life of its own last night and I found myself not only contemplating a month as a strictly mobile photog but of selling all of my current gear and buying a Sony Alpha A5000 – which is a mirrorless camera. I’m sure downsizing my gear will make me feel as though I am walking on clouds, rather than being weighted to the ground. Or perhaps I am romanticising this whole process a too much.

While I debate about making the switch from DSLR to mirrorless, I facing my camera fears and doing a month long Mobile Photog project (#MobPhotog). That’s right, a month of only taking photos with my iPhone 5S.

And the fact that I’ve started this at the beginning of summer, a week before a trip to Îles de la Madeleines, has me hyper-ventilating and I’m wondering if I should ‘hide’ my DSLR in the trunk of the car I’ll be using, just in case I really need it.

I told you, I’m like a heroine addict when it comes to my DSLR. This switch to being a 100% mobile photog is not going to be easy! I’ve downloaded seven new camera and editing apps to try on my iPhone, and I’m thinking a little more about the photos I take before I take them.

I’m also crossing all my body parts and taking deep breaths to stay sane.

If you’d like to follow my project, you can do so by following the #MobPhotog hashtag on Instagram, or by checking back here every Wednesday when I post my mobile photog shots from the previous week.

Let the challenge begin!



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