Mongol Rally 2012

Welcome to the new one-stop-shop of all things Mongol Rally 2012.

If you’ve visited this page before, you’ll notice a few changes. Why did I change this page? Simple. There is more to share!

As we gear up for the Mongol Rally my teammate (Charlie) and I are working on updating our team website, as well as a team Facebook page. This is a wee bit of a challenge as I am also updating this website and the SpunkyGirl Monologues Facebook page. But, I am not one to shy away from a challenge. Plus, more sites = more opportunities to share!

What does SM in SM Stowaway Mean?

Good question! When we figure it out, we’ll let you know!

We picked the name because we liked the way it sounded. I’d love to tell you that we spent hours pouring over the meaning of our team name, figuring out angles, doing keyword searches etc., but that would be a wee lie. Truth be told, we decided to leave it open to¬†interpretation. So, what do YOU think the SM means in SM Stowaway?

Two Women? No Men? Are you crazy?!

Yeah, we’ve heard that a lot. The Mongol Rally is a fairly male-dominated adventure. It’s kind of known fact. That doesn’t mean we have to have a guy one our team! Charlie and I are strong, single women. We know we can conquer this rally without having a guy on our team. Did I mention that 2 of use don’t know how to drive a stick yet, and that one of us has no clue how to change a tire? Oh, the adventure of it all. Besides, we kind of like the idea of being the minority. It makes everything a little more interesting.

“Hi Pamela – Of the 949 people currently registered on the Mongol Rally 2012, 119 of them at of the lady variety. Approximately 12% then – And they call the Mongol Rally a sausage fest!” -Rob (Mongol Rally Chief)

Oh, and yes, we are a tad crazy. That is how we roll. Which I’m guessing is why you love us so much, right?!

Our Route!

Choosing our route was kind of easy -although it will hurt my pocketbook more than Charlie’s. As women who love a challenge, we have decided on the southern route. As it stands our car will be driving through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and into Mongolia. To say that this is an epic journey is a gross understatement!

Personal Rally Projects

The Mongol Rally is a huge adventure for me, and I’ve put together a couple of personal projects for this epic adventure. The first project involves Lomography. During the rally I’ll be using my tech gear, but I’ll also be capturing it in analogue as well! I’m really excited to work with film again. I just pray that finding a place to develop and scan the photos will be somewhat easy!

I’ll also be testing the Chick-on-the-Go kit during the rally and posting my tips and reviews once I’ve reached Mongolia.

[There may be one or two other projects popping up, so stay tuned!]

Team Coverage

We are super excited to chat about the Mongol Rally and as the rally gets closer, we’ll be talking about it even more! During the Mongol Rally you’ll be able to follow along on this blog, as well as the team website, but it doesn’t stop there! We’ll also appear on the Travel + Escape website, the Intrepid Travel Facebook page and blog, the HostelBookers Facebook page and maybe a couple other places. Our goal is for you to have a number of different ways to follow us.

Did I mention video updates? Oh yes, we’ll have those as well. Oh, and don’t worry, content won’t be duplicated. Each site will have different content. Intrigued?

Social Media

Social Media is a big part this blog, my life, and my travels. Naturally, I’ll be using social media during the Mongol Rally so I can update the blog, our sponsors, Twitter and Facebook. If you’re on Twitter be sure to follow our team hashtag #SMStowaway as well as the official Mongol Rally hashtag, #MongolRally.

If you haven’t given the SpunkyGirl Monologues or SM Stowaway Facebook pages a ‘Like’, please take a few minutes to do so! I’d love to connect with you there.

Our Inspiration

Videos are a GREAT way to stay motivated. This is one the videos we watch over and over. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too!