“How much does it cost to do the Mongol Rally?”, is a common question. After all, the rally is a 10,000 mile journey in a small crap car, which will be auctioned off for charity if it makes it to Ulaanbaatar. So, how much does it cost and what is the money used for?

Entry Fee

Yes, there is an entry fee for the Mongol Rally, £714 to be exact.  Yes, it’s a lot of money, but there are some great benefits that come along with the fee. Here is a break down from the Mongol Rally website (hopefully they won’t freak-out for my slight plagiarism).

  • Cool parties! A 10,000 mile rally is not complete without a party or three or more. There could be as many as 500 teams participating in the rally (many will never make it to Mongolia), which means that each party will be an epic one. The fun starts off in London at the Goodwood Motor Circuit for the Festival of Slow party, a 24 hour par-tay! Followed by two more epic parties in the Czech Republic and there are whispers of parties being held on the way to Mongolia as well. Sweet!
  •  A flashy Finish Line for those of us who make it to Ulaanbaatar, (BTW, I WILL finish! ) as well as awesome people to help do all the import administration and paperwork required at the finish line so the cars go to the right place and raise tons of cash for charity.
  • A super cool Social Media app. Tracking Map and SMS updates are going to be possible from the road thanks to a social media app that is being introduced. This app is supposed to upload team locations, update Facebook pages and twitter accounts all with one SMS text. PLUS, we’ll be able to upload photos and videos from the road as well. This of course has my brain on planning overload.
  • Team websites. This is a cool option for anyone who doesn’t have their own website, or who wants to host their Mongol Rally adventures on a website other than their own.
  • Applying for Visas. Mongol Rally teams receive a discount on tourist visas through Visa Machine.
  • Pre & Post Rally Help from Mongol Rally veterans and the dudes behind the Mongol Rally.
  • An official Mongol Rally T-shirt 

Raising money for Charity, Where does it go?

As I’ve mentioned before, each team is asked to raise £1,000 for charity. The funds are disbursed between 2 or more charities. £500 will go to Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust (the official Mongol Rally charity for 2012) and £500 of the money raised will go to a charity chosen by the team. At this time we haven’t chosen a charity, however as soon as we do, I’ll post an article. Once our charity has been chosen I’ll also write more about the official charity, Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust.

Securing a Vehicle

There are a couple of ways to do this. A team can have a car donated for the rally, they can buy a used car in the UK or Europe, or they can ship a car over to the UK from home. As long as the car (or motorbike) meets the vehicle requirements, all is good. At this time we haven’t even started to look at cars, so when we figure it out and know the cost, I’ll let you know! I’ve looked at a few used cars online and so far we’re looking at spending at least £2,000, unless we can find a donor.

Obtaining Visas

The lovely lads who run the rally have created Visa Machine, which offers visa discounts for Mongol Rally participants. I took a quick look and based on needs for visas from Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, my personal visa cost will be between $300-$500. 

Other Rally Expenses

We’d really like to find sponsors to help offset the cost of the rally. In exchange for sponsorship, sponsors will receive ad space on the website, as well as the car and other areas. I’m actually in the process of creating sponsor package to send out. I know a few people who want to know how much this will cost, so I’m going to record all my costs and share then with you. That being said, those costs won’t be posted until just before the rally and after the rally.

Is there something you want to know about the Mongol Rally? Let me know!



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  1. Colin Burns

    Pam cars are surprisingly cheap in the UK. We have just been there and in comparison to Australia and Malaysia they look super cheap. For about 2000 pound you should definitely be able to find a car that suits the Mongol rally requirements

  2. Cool_hab

    Hey i would also like to do this but i dont know anyone. if you could email me and maybe we could experience this together or even with others.

  3. Ross

    Thanks a million. This is very useful for a rough idea of costs. Hoping to do it next year.


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