I’ve been tight-lipped about my travel plans for 2013. Part of it has to do with the fact that I don’t want to jinx myself, part has to do with the fact that my plane tickets are not booked, and part has to do with the fact that I feel like a total hypocrite when I adjust or change my travel plans. It’s a thing. Weird, but a thing.

I was planning on waiting and telling you guys as the trips were about to take place, but that is just cruel and unusual punishment for everyone. So, I’ve decided to divulge the plans I have – so far – for this year, with the stipulation that YOU know these are PLANS which could CHANGE. Are we all on the same page? Awesome!


The first weekend in February I’ll be traveling from Toronto to Montréal by TRAIN! Trust me, in Canada, this is a big deal. Especially since riding the rails in Canada is usually way more expensive than flying or taking a bus. But I’ve lucked out and found a seat sale which is cheaper than flying. Woot!

Sadly I only have two days in Montréal, but on the bright side I’ll be staying with Le Germain Montréal, eating lots of poutine, bagels, and Montréal smoked meat. Oh, and visiting some markets, eating cheese, and desperately trying to stay warm. Also, Igloofest MIGHT happen, so that could be cool. Yay Montréal!


Say WHAT?!?!?! Did I just throw Mexico into the mix for 2013? Yup. I totally did. BAM! It’s there.

Why Mexico? Well for one, I NEED to leave Canada. No, I’m not running from the law (that I know of). I just need to be on the move. I need new things to see/do/experience/write about. Plus, a good friend of mine is having her baby in Mexico, and she’s graciously permitted me to crash at her place for a month, play with her toddler, and hold her shiny new baby. I love  brand new babies.

I’ll be near Puerto Vallarta, but I plan to explore a couple places in Mexico. I’ve been dying to visit Morelia, and I have a friend from my Niagara hostel days, who is working at a hostel in Playa del Carmen. So guess who is going to Playa, and doing social media work at a hostel in exchange for FREE accommodation for the ENTIRE month of April?! ME!!!!.

So, yeah, Mexico.

Central America

Central America is on the radar, but not confirmed (which means that if Central America doesn’t happen this year, you cannot get pissy with me). Here’s the thing. I’ll be in Mexico, right? Can I really ignore the fact that Central America is like, RIGHT THERE?! I’m not sure if I can. So, I’m leaving Central America open as a side option, for BEFORE I fly to Thailand. If Central America does happen, then there is a likelihood that I will spend 2-3 months travelling through every country in the region.




This part is probably not a huge surprise. I talk about Asia, and Thailand, like ALL THE TIME! My plan is this… Move to Thailand.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Thailand, and it’s a country that I can see myself living in. Which probably explains why I plan to fly back to Thailand, rent an apartment, and use Bangkok as my home base. Oh yeah, Shwarma EVERY F-ING WEEK, PEOPLE!! Plus I’ll revisit Sukhothai and Chiang Mai, venture to Ayutthaya, and I may even visit an island or two. Ah, Thailand, I’ve missed you.


Let’s hear it for a return to China!! I have a love/hate relationship with China, and that will not keep me from returning. We have unfinished business, China and I. At the moment the  plan to to take the boat from Chiang Saen, Thailand to Jinhong, China, again! Once I’m in Yunnan Province, I’ll be travelling north to Zhongdian (Shangri-la), then through small mountain towns to Chengdu in Sichuan. From there I’ll use buses and van shares to travel along the Chinese portion of the Silk Road.

After the Chinese Silk Road there is a small chance that I could take a train to Beijing, and possibly pop up to Mongolia for a couple weeks. But that is barely a blip on my travel radar at this point.

Radar Blips, But No Confirmed Plans

Aside from the above countries there are a few places which are on the radar, but they are merely ‘What if’ options at this point. In other words, I could decide to go to any of the following countries at the last minute if I find a seat sale, decide to visit friends, agree to a blogging partnership, or have some extra travel funds that are burning a hole in my bank account.

  • Mongolia
  • Taiwan
  • Bandar Seri Begawan
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Laos

So, what are YOUR travel plans for 2013?


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4 Responses

  1. Kate - Canuckiwikate

    Looks good, Pam, lots to look forward to and work towards! Good to have a plan, but also good to go with the flow, as necessary. Life has a funny way of working itself out, doesn’t it?

    As for me, I’m currently road tripping NZ with my grandmother, hosting her until the beginning of February and then getting ready to make tracks for Vancouver, where we’ll launch out great Canadian roadtrip! Spending the summer crossing the country and ending up back home in Nova Scotia for the first time in FOUR years (bar the 10 days I was briefly home in 2011 for a funeral). Will actually stay put, hopefully working at home till Xmas, and should give my family all a chance to meet my kiwi boy, until we’ve sussed plans for 2014! Here’s to a big year!

  2. Liza

    Hi Pam!
    Your year sounds amazing, and you’re so lucky! I plan on going to Ireland and Scotland with my school for 10 days in March (sadly coming back home to finish said school), then flying down to California in July and living with my cousins for two months before I move to Italy for 10 months as an exchange student. I just found your blog, and I’m loving it. I was hoping to start my own travel and lifestyle blog, any tips? Hope to hear from you soon, and good luck!

    • Pamela

      Hi Liza!

      I’m jealous you’ll be living in Italy for 10 months! I still need to go there. I am sure you’ll have an amazing time. You should definitely start a blog before you leave for Italy. I suggest picking and buying your domain name (at namecheap.com there are only like $11/yr), and using WordPress vs Blogspot/Blogger. Lots os tips to give, perhaps I should reply to this comment in a post instead!

  3. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine

    Sounds like a glorious plan. And I hear ya– it’s writing on the wall and that’s always subject to change. Oooh, I’m so curious how you’re going to get by in Thailand. I know there’s a lot of expats and I myself would love to live there too… but I can only think of teaching as a means to support myself.

    I’ve put off Central & South America last year. Dunno what my plans are for this year yet… I really just got bit by the Asia bug and don’t feel like much else at the moment. Although, that’s subject to change should events in my life change .


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