I love that Spain owns the Canaries, an archipelago of volcanic rock with black and white-sand beaches, rests off the of West Africa – makes it that much easier to explore both Tenerife and Morocco on the same trip! Tenerife, the largest of these beautiful islands, is the epicentre of vibrant Spanish culture and traditions, and home to Mt. Teide, a 12,198 ft active volcano.

Here are a few reasons why you need to go to Tenerife now!

1. They have stunning rural villas to rent. Seriously, find out the best Rural accommodation in Tenerife and book your plane tickets now.

Tenerife Rural Villa

2. You can go almond gathering. Yes, ALMOND GATHERING. Now I am craving raw almonds…

Tenerife Almonds

3. They have festive pilgrimages for almost every occasion.

Tenerife festive pilgrimage

4. The Hamlet of Masca is the epitome of travel porn.

Hamlet of Masca on Tenerife

5. You can go to a Guachinche Tavern – which is basically an old refurbished barn that has been turned into a lively dining hall, with home-made food and wine.

Tenerife Guachinche Tavern

6. You can sit on the beach and give yourself some seaweed therapy – yes, it’s a thing!

Tenerife Seaweed Therapy


7. The entire island is gorgeous, I dare you to visit and send me an ugly photo!

Tenerife island


8. Charco de la Laja is the swimming hole of your dreams!

Waves crashing against a rock in Tenerife

Everyone loves the idea of having some island time, and while a Caribbean resort may be at the top of your list, consider going to the Canary islands instead. You will still have plenty of beaches to relax on, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to explore, immerse yourself in the local culture, drink copious amounts of local wine, indulge in rich home-made food, and shop.

Why stay in a pretty resort with mediocre food when you can safely explore an island with mind-blowing food and everything you could possibly want or desire in a holiday destination?

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