Every great road trip has a couple bumpy bits and my road trip from Québec to Îles de la Madeleine has been no different. I’ll spare you all of the minor details and cut to the chase. I misunderstood some rather key travel information and therefore I found myself taking a 7:45am train to Montréal yesterday to pick-up a rusty metallic coloured Ford Focus and start driving from Montréal to Souris, Prince Edward Island, the only ferry port that serves Îles de la Madeleine.

A twelve hour journey, I settled into the car quickly, syncing my iPhone, turning on Sirius XM Hits 1, and chatting with the navigation system to plot my course to Souris. Of course I had to repeat the destination a few times and then eventually spell it as my pronunciation was completely off, but an argument with an imaginary person is always on my list of things to do on a road trip, so, you know…

I turned into a zombie while driving from Montréal to Québec. A zombie who was craving 7-eleven hot dogs.

If someone could invent a hot dog/sausage roaster that plugs into the 12 volt outlet in a car, let me know? I feel like that is something I should invest in. Especially if it comes with a bun warmer.

Crap, now I’m craving them again. Ugh.

With the St Lawrence river to my left, I drove past farms, small stubby green ‘mountains’, and through small towns. Laughing almost uncontrollably when I passed a town called ‘Saint-Louise-du Ha! Ha!’. Seriously, the name actually had ‘Ha! Ha!’ at the end. It was genius, and like a ten year old who giggles when they say Uranus, I repeated said ‘Saint-Louis-du Ha! Ha!’ several times, each time using a different accent for the ‘Ha! Ha!’ part. It was highly entertaining, and I admit, my Pepé le pew version is my favourite.

I should probably also admit to starting another round of ‘Saint-Louis-du Ha! Ha!’ this morning on my drive to the ferry port…

By dinner time I was in New Brunswick, and ready to stop driving. I made a brief stop in Grand Falls to see the water falls and gorge, but after that I stayed in the car until I needed gas.

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are much prettier in day light. At least, I’m pretty sure they are.

It was midnight when I rolled into Charlottetown and headed to the hostel. I was mentally fried and any plan of doing a little work disappeared quickly. Instead, I collapsed on the bottom bunk with all my clothes on, and not bothering to get under the covers.


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