1. Nicholle Olores

    Thank you so much for the tips on how to travel with less accommodation.
    That is really a good idea to have a housesitting or somewhat like renting an apartment a day before you travel.

  2. We have used Couchsurfing quite a bit over this past year and have had nothing but great experiences. We prefer it to a hotel as you learn so much more about the area, the people and the culture. In fact we used it just over a week ago and will be again next week. We have also housesat a number of times and found it a great way to see the area and have a home base.

    Can’t say that we would enjoy traveling at night in a train or bus unless the savings were VERY substantial. One, we wouldn’t get a good sleep and two you would miss all the countryside scenery which for us is part of the reason we travel.

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