Sunday SnapShot: Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Snapshot. This week I’m featuring a photo from one of my favourite cities, a place I return to often. In fact I’ll be returning again in September!

Which city is YOUR favourite?

Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand

It was a hot, sticky, sweaty day in Bangkok the last time I visited Wat Pho. I had been exploring various stops along with Chao Phraya River with my friend Peung, and before heading back towards Sukhumvit Road we decided to visit Wat Pho.

While most visitors gravitate to the Grand Palace, my favourite temple is Wat Pho, with its reclining golden buddha (the largest in Bangkok), and colourful stupas. We spent so much time wandering through the temple buildings, taking photos, and laughing. It was by far one of my favourite days in Bangkok, and I’m excited to hang out with Peung again as we both return to the city.

It makes me sad when people say that they hate the BKK, as I don’t think they have given it a chance; true there is a lot of traffic and it can take awhile to get around, but there is so much to see and experience during you visit. The trick is to find an area you want to explore and focus on that. Bangkok is not a wandering type city.

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4 Responses

  1. Lauren Bishop

    Hi Pamela,

    Cool series! I’m going to Thailand for the first time in October and I’m getting some mixed messages about whether it is still a fun, budget-friendly, and how do I say this nicely…not completely over-developed and overrun by Western tourist. It sounds like you are going back. Can I ask what your travel plans are? What part of the country do you recommend seeing? Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the north sound great. Any southern destinations you would suggest?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Pamela MacNaughtan

      Bangkok will always have fun, budget-friendly options. Personally, I’m not too upset about the changes at Khao San, I was never a fan of that area as many would stay there and avoid experiencing the rest of Bangkok. I’ll be renting a small apartment and setting up a home base in BKK, and I’ll be exploring the city to update on where to eat, stay, and explore (for all budgets).

      In October, head to Chiang Mai in the first half of the month as it starts to get busy with backpackers and tourists during the last half of the month. Chiang Rai is nice as well, and the White temple is impressive. Sukhothai is interesting in terms of ruins, and there is a wonderful guesthouse called At Home. I’ll be re-visiting both in October myself.

      In the south… The islands are always beautiful. I’d stay away from Pattaya, the sex trade is so strong there that it can get depressing.

      Give me a shout when you’re in BKK, we can grab some late night eats!


  2. Lauren Bishop

    Yes! That sounds amazing. I would love to eat all kinds of amazing food with you. I was sorry to read that it was an illness in the family that brought you home. I similarly stopped travelling for about a year and a half in part to help care for a sick family member. I’m heading back on the road in the fall and I’m also feeling pretty elated by the whole thing! Yay to us!


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