Sunday Snapshot: Churchill, Manitoba

It’s time for Sunday Snapshot, and this week I’m taking you to Churchill, Manitoba. While Churchill is best known for the polar bears, I visited in August to see the Beluga whales. Every July and August Beluga whales travel to the Churchill river by the thousands, and damn, it is an amazing sight.

I spent three nights in Churchill, checking out the town with my guide Gerard, and interacting with the whales during a boat tour of the river. And although majority of the polar bears are elsewhere in summer, I was blessed enough to see seven polar bears – and thankfully my guide was with me each time!

Arctic tundra in Churchill

Polar bears are not to be trifled with, especially in a place like Churchill, Manitoba where they roam around frequently. Walking around town was always risky, and walking around without a gun at night is just plain stupid – a polar bear can show up at any time, and if one does you are not likely to survive the encounter.

Churchill is tiny, and full of character; in many ways I wish I had time to interview all of the locals, to ask about life in a tiny place that is only accessible by train or plane, and always on alert for roaming polar bears.

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    Wow, that´s a wonderful picture. I would like to be in a place like that.


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