Sunday Snapshot: Dijon, France

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Snapshot! This week I’m taking y’all to a charming city in France. Dijon! Yes, as in the mustard. I visited Dijon on a day trip while staying in Paris for a few days and was completely enthralled.

My trip to Dijon was a last minute decision, I needed a break from walking around Paris (sounds odd, I know). The only thing I knew about the city was that they made mustard, and that was enough for me. I spent the day wandering around the historic side of the city, sitting in a café, sampling mustard in a shop, and exploring small quiet alleys.

At first Dijon looked like a sleepy and somewhat boring city, but when I found the old city I was over-the-moon. I’m drawn to historic areas; I love the architecture, the character, the details. There is always something interesting to see, and in my case, photograph. I spent my day exploring, wandering down streets, and sitting in little streetside cafés watching the locals walk by and go about their daily lives.

I’m not sure I would return to Dijon, but it’s a great city to go for a day trip, when one is looking for a break from Paris.

Sunday Snapshot: Dijon, France


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