I Exercised Today and I Didn’t Die. It Was a Good Day.

Wow, two posts in a row! Don’t get too excited, this is a trend that is bound to fail. Trust me.

I didn’t work on the guidebook today. I had intended to do it, I even wrote a little note to work on itineraries and day trips as I am writing a short article on day trips for Québec City Tourism’s blog. May as well do both at once, right?

What is the saying about best-laid plans? I don’t fully remember it, but mine changed.

Instead of working on the guidebook I decided to put on some yoga pants, grab my running shoes and drive out to my friend’s house in the country to work out. She has a home gym and mentioned I could use it anytime, even if nobody is home.

Today, I finally took her up on the offer.

I admit, it felt weird to walk into her house when nobody was home.

[I’m tempted to start hiding notes in her house whenever I’m there alone and wait to see how long it take for her or her kids to find them]

Have you ever done weight training and then taken a break… For eight years.

Seriously. The last time I did any kind of weight-based exercise was in 2008. It’s been so long, I have forgotten the names of almost all of the machines.

I started on the leg press, which was comical as the peddles where my feet go is level with my massive boobs. It’s a good thing nobody was there because getting my feet in position was an exercise itself. I almost fell off the seat. Twice.

Over the next 30-40 mins, I did leg curls (I just Googled this and I’m pretty sure I sat in the machine wrong. Ha ha ha ha) and chest presses, then back to leg presses. I rotated back and forth. I even spent a whopping 3 mins on an elliptical machine.

It was truly impressive.

The good news is that I can still walk. I was pretty sure my legs would buckle due to lack of muscle, but they survived!

Of course, on the drive home when I saw that Eat Like Sabby, a Mediterranean restaurant in town, was open I had to stop and grab a Gyro pita to go. The owner’s mom always stuffs mine with a ridiculous amount of meat and sauce, but damn, it tastes so good.

[The photo of my gyro is at the top of this post because my “exercise” photo is super lame]

I should feel bad, but I don’t. I’ve been craving a pita from Sabby for days now.

438 words… why is this so hard?! Not too long ago I was lucky to write a post under 1,000 words!!


The Facebook diet hasn’t started yet. Maybe I’ll start it March 1st. I need to give up drinking Diet Coke too, but giving up Facebook and Diet Coke at the same time seems like a foolish endeavour.

Oh! I re-downloaded Snapchat (savvyabroad). That, like this blog, depends entirely on whether I have anything to share that is not insanely boring. Ha!

518! Okay, I’m peacing out. See y’all tomorrow or three days from now or in a month. Anything is possible.