Taqueria Mi Bucerias

It is surprising that I have a favourite taqueria in Bucerias? It shouldn’t be – especially since I’m the girl who will visit the SAME shwarma guy every time she is in Bangkok, and go to the SAME street vendor every time she is in Toronto. In other words, when I find something I enjoy, I go back again, and again. And again.

Taqueria Mi Bucherias

Taqueria Mi Bucerias

Taqueria Mi Bucerias is located on Calle Bucerias and Calle Temporal, about a 10-minute walk from my friend’s house, and my latest foodie obsession.

Armando and his family run this little taqueria as well as a stand near the church on the tourist side of town, and they are as delightful as the food they cook. On my first visit to the taqueria, I was greeted by Armando’s wife and invited to sit down while I wait for my food. It was during this time that Armando offered me Cranberry water and Tostada Mole as I waited – which was a generous offer in my opinion. My order was fairly large, eight tacos in all.

Tortilla dough

Armando’s wife preparing the tortillas

As I waited I watched as Armando’s wife made the tortillas from scratch. Mixing the dough, forming into small balls, flattening, then cooking each one. As Armando’s wife prepared the tortillas another woman prepared the chorizo and Pollo (chicken) for the tacos. It took time, and in some instances, I may have been annoyed, but when I tasted the tacos I forgot about how long I had to wait. After all, the ingredients (including the tortillas) had been prepared fresh. While I waited. The family had been absolutely delightful, and the tacos themselves were absolutely delicious!

Pollo Mole Tostada

I’m not kidding. I’ve eaten a few tacos here in Mexico and many times I have lacked interest after the first bite, as the tortillas seemed to overpower the meat inside. And I’m not a fan of a mouthful of bland corn tortillas. Taqueria Mi Bucerias seems to offer the perfect balance.

Tacos Pollo

Tacos Pollo

If you’re planning a trip to Bucerias, stop by Taqueria Mi Bucerias (closed on Wednesdays) for some tacos or ceviche. I highly recommend Taco Pescada, Taco Camarón, and Taco Chicharron!

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