Things I Learned While Working in a Hostel

It’s February, which means it’s cold and snowy and I’m getting cabin fever.  I’ve been thinking about my hostel days and chuckling as I remember the crazy things that happened, here are a few things I learned while working at the hostel.

  1. Apparently McDonald’s looks better if its on the walls and NOT in your tummy at 2am.  Thankfully I wasn’t the person who had to clean that mess up!
  2. I can survive with 1 pillow.  Before the hostel I HAD to have 4 pillows on my bad at all times. Now it just feels wrong.
  3. Don’t buy expensive food/drink unless you’re consuming it that day. Otherwise it may be enjoyed by your co-workers or other travelers.
  4. Resist giving dumb answers for dumb questions like “What time do they turn off the falls?” or “How much does it cost to see the fireworks?” Believe me, if the city could find a way to charge people to watch fireworks it would have been done a long time ago!
  5. Never take drunk people out on group activities as they’re most likely to wander off and blame you in the morning for ditching them!
  6. Be happy with your life when the really hot guy comes down to the desk at 8am in an ity bity towel and dripping wet to ask for coffee.  That was a good morning!
  7. If you’re taking a bunch of backpackers to the bar, you will end up being a kindergarten teacher by the time the bar closes.
  8. Having the same cab driver when you do group outings is HEAVEN! They don’t screw you on the route and if you always go to the bar or the hostel, all you have to say is home and you’ll get to your destination! Plus you may score a free cab ride on your birthday 😉
  9. Going to the same bar all the time has huge perks. Including free drinks, way better service and yummy off menu food :D- Thanks Mush!!
  10. If you live at the hostel and the ditzy local girl doesn’t show up for work, you’re working her shift! That part sucked, especially after 3hrs of sleep!
  11. When you go to bed at night, lock your door! Otherwise annoying drunk people will try and drag you out of bed to join their party.
  12. Although it’s not professional, it’s still funny to stand outside the bathroom with a bunch of people when you know 2 drunks are having sex. I mean come on! We were all in the very next room, you two went to the bathroom and ended up ripping the towel bar off the wall! Did you honestly think the 6 people on the other side of the wall weren’t going to laugh when you walked out? You had nowhere to go, you had to walk past us to get to your room! But for the record, it wasn’t my idea to take a photo of you two slinky out…

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