Did I Have a Thai Massage with a Happy Ending?

As I sat on a low square faux-leather stool sipping tea from a tiny ceramic cup, a masseuse leaned forward and cupped my left breast, giving it a little squeeze and smiling to herself; I sat, unmoving on the stool, sipping my tea. Did I just have a Thai massage with a happy ending?

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Big Boob Adventures in Myanmar (Burma)

Tourism, mass tourism, is a relatively new concept in Myanmar (Burma). Gone are the days of dead bodies laying in the streets of Yangon, and rolling black-outs that seemed to last for days on end. Life in Myanmar is evolving – and hopefully after the elections this month, the country will continue to grow.

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Sunday Snapshot: Deadvlei, Namibia

This week’s Sunday Snapshot takes us all the way to west coast of Africa, Namibia to be exact.

During my 45-day overland tour from Kenya to Cape Town with Intrepid Travel, we stopped to explore Deadvlei in Namibia. Thankfully we stopped in the morning as the sand was still quite cool – helpful as it’s a nightmare to walk through sand in flip flops, which means I was able to walk to Deadvlei in my barefeet and not get burned. The fact that there are scorpions in the dunes didn’t phase me as they don’t like a lot of vibration, and since I’m an overweight traveller, I imagine my vibrations sent them running. Yay! ha ha ha

Deadvlei was quite interesting, with dry cracked sand the colour of a sand dollar, and barren black trees, tall reddish-orange sand dunes surrounding us. Travelling overland in Africa was an amazing experience, and I’m kind of glad that our visit to Deadvlei was towards the end of my 45-day journey from Kenya to Cape Town.

Body Image in Bangkok

When you’re a bigger person, in a much smaller world, things are going to be different, and sometimes they may even be hard, but that doesn’t mean you need to fear them or avoid them. Body image in Bangkok, and most of Southeast Asia is vastly different than what we face at home.

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Confessions Of An Overweight Female Traveller

I always debate about whether or not I should write about my weight. It’s not that I think people will leave nasty body shaming comments, which I’m sure a few would, it’s more about the fact that I hate talking about it.

And that is the problem, nobody talks about it.

I know I’m not the only overweight traveller, but it feels as though I am. I’m sure others feel the same way.

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