1. 4/29/2012

    The first thing I thought of too was Lara Croft in Tomb Raiders or like Indiana Jones. Very cool find.

  2. 3/1/2013

    I spen few years of my childhood in this area and this temple was my fav. place, along with Saint Anthony Chruch right across :) thank u so much for a wonderful write up :)

  3. […] Sri Ponnambalam Vanesar Kovil was by far my favourite temple in Colombo, and oddly enough the only temple where photographs were not permitted inside. Walking over the threshold was an awe-inspiring experience, and felt very much like I was on the set of an Indiana Jones movie. Beams of light from small windows were the only light inside the temple. Everything was made of granite, with the only splashes of colour coming from the clothing of locals, a few statues, and offering trays that laid on the floor. I was completely mesmerized and I could have easily sat down and spent a few hours staring at carvings, and watching locals worship. […]

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